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Another Chance

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IWM# 1498

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Another Chance

i saw you cryin' by yourself
sitting in a corner
your eyes the color of red
no one has seen before
next time i know i'm gonna find you
laying on the floor
singing some country song
about how your love was cut short broken off
but baby i've seen this before
you run back to him every time
then in the end it's like you
hit the rewind
you say you have to move on
every time he's gone
but when he comes back
ther you are in his lap
saying this is your last chance
if you leave me again
i'm gone
but a short while after her ends it
and i find you layin' on the floor
singing a country song
about how your love was cut short broken off
you say you're cutting him off
but i'll believe it when i see it
if only you could say to him

you don't get another chance
you've left me too many times before
and i can't let you back in
because my heart has too much damage
i can't take this anymore
i'm moving on yeah i'm gone
no i won't come sit in your lap
i meant it when i said
you don't get another chance
to break my heart
to cause me pain
you won't get another chance

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thanks, songwritindrumfreak!!! i've seen you posted a lot more too. i'll check it out when i get some time.


I always seem to like you lyrics lolly. :)

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