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What Will I Do?

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IWM# 144

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I never though this day would come
My heart beats so very fast
The pain I’ve know for all my life
Is leaving me at last

I’ve known a broken heart, I’ve known loss that was too great. I’ve known trust to be shattered and wounds that just don’t heal. I’ve always known I was not alone, but never really felt it. It seems the people around me never really understood. When we first met you told me you weren’t the same. You said that you could handle me along with all my pain. Just another line, I was more than sure of that. Now we’ve been together awhile and all that you have claimed seems to be the truth. I’ve let you see all my pain, you took it all away. Now what will I do? If I have no more complaints?

Your touch is never painful
My heart longs to be yours
I’m not sure how to deal with this
I’ve never seen those doors

The troubled life I’ve lived I kept bound up inside. I didn’t have a soul to tell that wouldn’t judge me harsh. I know that I have to own some of the pain I‘ve lived, but I also know that I didn’t bring it all on myself. I searched for someone who wouldn’t find me broken and try to put me back. I just need some to listen and then help me try to laugh. You’ve helped my wounds to heal, and put back all my trust. Every thing you’ve shown me has seemed so very real. Can we keep this connection strong? Now what will I do? When there seems to be nothing wrong?

This surprise has left me open
My heart wants to trust you
I’m fearless without pain
Inside. Now what will I do?

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Thank you so much for that! I am begining to see my strenght myself. However it seems to me that happier I get the more my writting suffers. lol

exceptional.......You have

exceptional.......You have such depth and strength in your lyrics.I really love the way you get to the emotions.Your stronger than you know.Shelly R.W.


It really is. I was trying to be positive but I think this one is harder to picture with out the music because it flows very differently.


Talk about a departure. This is so different from what you usaully write. I like it!:)


I thought I would try something with a more positive spin. I'm not really sure it's me though.


great work!

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