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Daylight Hours

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IWM# 1438

IWM serial ID: 01438


In the daylight hours
We'll make the best of a new dawning day
Out of these daylight hours
Let's look past the walls that blind us
As we make our way down this lonely highway

A sound of silence, a peace that we've never known
It won't be easy girl, but you know we won't be on our own
In the daylight hours

Come these daylight hours
All the roads deserted,
Only dreamers left stranded on the side of the road
Out of these daylight hours
Losers and winners, saints and sinners
All have payed for the seeds they've sewn

It's a last ditch chance, a ticket to punch
A desperate gamble to catch a one-way ride
In our darkest fight, race'in toward light
paradise is wait'in sugar, just on the other side
In the daylight hours


In the daylight hours
No lie's too small, it's not one but all
It's never too late, no-matter mistakes we'll make
A new begining, a new world, an ivory tower
Together hand & hand will walk
In these daylight hours

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