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Who Am I?

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IWM# 143

IWM serial ID: 00143

I’ve lost myself along the road
I’m not sure where I’ve been
Time that I’ve lost track of,
I’ll never see again
Friends have come and gone
Dreams lost along the way
A lovers painful touch
Relived in every day

Some one tell me where to start
Some one help me find the way
Some one give me some direction
Who am I? Will I ever be okay?

The weather changes every day
The seasons just don’t last
Time never seems to look back
I find my self stuck in the past
I try to see tomorrow
But it’s just to far away
Yesterday is in front of me
Clouding out my way
Some how I can feel
The things I’ve thrown away
But I can’t feel the things that
Bring me hope these days

How will I ever find the start
How will I ever find my way
How will I ever get directions
Who am I? Will I ever be okay?

I find the things I’ve dreamed about
Our now just shadows of my past
Forever lost in the cobwebs
Of memories made of glass
Fighting through the messes
Made by the demons taking hold
Stripping me of courage
That used to keep me whole
Walking through the darkness
Trying to find the glow
Not getting close to light
Looking for the dreams I used to know

Can I ever find the start
Can I ever find the way
Can I find directions
Who am I? Will I be okay?

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The Chorus

I like how the chorus doesn't stay the same.

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