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Words Of Wisdom/runner up song of the year

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Hey, did you ever think when you were growing up
You’d find your every dream in the back of your truck
With the tailgate down and her defenses too
You never would’ve guessed She’d be lying here with you….

Lord, how her eyes would glow when you’d pull her near
You shared the same uncertainties every single fear
You couldn’t let her go then somewhere in your head
You heard these old forgotten WORDS OF WISDOM said…
Think of the Mother’s that hold us the Father’s who scold us
To do the right thing when their not around
Pray for the Hero’s that saved us the good Lord who made us
The image, of what we should be trust with a certainty, in you I believe

It’s ten years down the road some day’s it feels that way
Your fighting in the desert for a life that you can’t save
Your needed back at home but, that won’t change a thing
For the child, you can’t hold or the one who wear’s your ring…

You sure had everything that could’ve ever mattered
You were blessed, to be a father love a woman filled with laughter
You couldn’t let them go then somewhere in your head
You hear these long forgotten WORDS OF WISDOM said…
Here’s to the Mother’s that feed us the Father’s who need us
To do the right thing when their not around
Pray for the Hero’s that saved us The good Lord who made us
The image, of what we should be trust with a certainty, beside you I grieve
Hey, did you ever fall to pray apon your knees
Ask the Lord above if he could help you please
Bring you back the gift you never got to hold
Somehow help you heal, your woman’s shattered soul…

When your day’s aren’t getting better and your shaking cold with fear
‘Cause you feel your faith dissolving with your world and every tear
Trust in me and I will guide you to the gift’s you’ll someday see
I’m the image you were made from you’re the very best of me

Man, you gave everything this world could ask of you
Then somehow found the strength to fight and follow through
I’ll never let you go I’m that voice in your head
My blood runs through your vein’s believe these words I’ve said
Here’s to the Mother that raised you the Father who praised you
To do the right thing ‘cause their not around
Blessed is the woman who gave you the Child that fate knew
Was destined, an Angel to be Trust with a certainty, your Faith is the key

Pray for the Hero’s who saved you and each chance they gave you
To do the right thing ‘cause their not around

Hold onto each gift your given Your life’s meant for living
These old WORDS OF WISDOM are free
Trust with a certainty in you I believe

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Yeah I'm from okc I have a song I sang but I can't sing well at all but you can get the tune from it. if you would check out because I already have it there.

go to talents then click on PEOPLE then where it says USERNAME type in jhmokc. Click on the picture of the man praying now under MY MEDIA click on AUDIOS. Once you do that you should see the words GIVE ME A SIGN , click on that. once you do that you should here me singing the song.
Play around with it if you want I have many more songs written with no music this is the only one that when I wrote the melody cam with it in my head.

John H. Miller

Thanks, alot

Yes, I have been putting music to my latest songs because I don't like bothering other people about the music part. It is getting easier though and I am really enjoying it. It's nothing real fancy but I could maybe find the basic chords for you , if you can sing it occapella. I'de be happy to try. I did put music to one of 'songwriterdrumfreak's' song, but he hasn't put it up on this sight or anything. send it to my E-mail address. Hey ,your from OKC? We live in Blanchard. Shelly R.W.

your song

Very good song can you write music too? I am wondering because I can come up with lyrics all day but have only written one complete song, any advice would help.

John H. Miller


I think that's the part that just came in my head from.who knows where.It really makes the whole song in my opinion.Thanks alot.I'll be going through some of your songs too.I'll get back to you Shelly R.W.


Hey lollyboo,I appreciate your imput.This song does mean alot to me too.I think in this time of our lives we should all remember where we came from.who we are and why we are here.Our parents and grand parents and on and on,They always told us the truth and they tried to help us learn from their mistakes and their experiences.Thanks again,I'll be going through some songs again so,I'll be getting back to you.

these are some great lyrics

i really love how the chorus kind of comes off like a prayer, pretty cool!

words of wisdom

wow, i really love these lyrics! they are very meaningful to me. lots of people could relate i believe.

W.of W.

Hi Kingdom man,Thanks for reading this song.I've always felt things deeply and this song tore me up,at times.I have read a couple of your songs and they're touching.I can tell you have a great spiritual belief and we could all benefit from your songs.I'll be reading some more and get back to you,thanks again.

Words of Wisdom

Hey,I'm glad you like this.It's really not Christian,I'm not sure where it came from,but almost every verse made me cry.I think I try to put myself in different situations and see what I create.Thanks for your approval,You can be sure I'll check out your songs too.


I like this. this is a christian work is it not. I've been workin on my christian music more and more but its more of the rock sound then what I feel when I read this, but still good. IF you wouldnt mind checkin my stuff out that'd be great

Heart Felt

I thought this song was quite heart felt. The heart is a wonderful thing and needs to be in touch with the one who made it and knows how it works the best. Check out my works: KINGDOM MAN

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