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Love Only If You Dare (Sang/composed by Leonna Scherrer; Lyrics by Chris Path)

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IWM# 1276

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Love Only If You Dare

Verse 1

The better life you promised me seems so distant
The change of heart you said you had must have been a lie
It's funny how a life can change in an instant
All because a second chance was a waste of time

Chorus Part 1

One time my momma told me it takes once to prove
Shame on them the first time after that it's shame on you
My daddy always told me life's not always fair
Keep your heart protected love only if you dare.

Chorus Part 2

Lying cheating and deceiving all for naught
I can't believe you never thought that you'd get caught
There's no being careful with something as fragile as a heart
When you keep it from getting broken it just gets ripped apart.

Verse 2

I should have seen the end was near clear as day
But I didn't want to believe it was all a lie
I don't see how you can play these games you play
All this time we've been together was a waste of time

Repeat Chorus Parts 1 and 2

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love only if you dare

well i cam personally relate to this song, and l think a lot of other people could, too. I agree with Shelly you did a good job rhyming the words and letting your emotions out. That's a great skill i wish to be able to have one day.

only if you dare

hi,thats a really great title and i really like the way you used rhyming words that aren't used that much. It's good to see you respect your own feelings and can put them on paper.Sorry,there can be alot of pain that comes from trust.But don't ever stop trying.It's always worth the journey,good luck!!Shelly R.W.

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