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IWM# 1272

IWM serial ID: 01272


Verse 1

Every night I look out my window
Every day I search the sky above
Watching for a sign or a warning
Hoping to someday find your love
I know you have to be there somewhere
Wait for me as I wait for you
I hope we're not too busy searching
To see what we have is true


So open up your eyes
Tell me what you see
Do you see the one who makes your heart complete
Let me in your mind
Let me be your dream
Let me be the one who makes your heart complete

Verse 2

Maybe someday we can be happy
Let's take it one day at a time
Let's not get caugh up in fantasies
Don't want to see our visions die
Let's keep it real, keep it down to Earth
I don't care if you're not perfect
Because I know that love conquers all
Nothing has conquered it yet

Repeat Chorus


Just look through my eyes
I know what I see
I can see the one who makes my heart complete
You consume my mind
It's of you I dream
I know you're the one who makes my heart complete

Repeat Chorus

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