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"WANTED MORE" by Rose E. Ewoldt

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Your motions made it easier
your whisper came across
all I could do was
fall in your arms without a thought.

Giving all of yourself made me feel at ease
your love turned me on and made me see
how a man could please a woman indeed.

I wanted more of your love
needing you in all of me
possessing your every move
not giving you the freedom to choose.

As time went on I could see
it wasn't meant to be
I could see it in your eyes
your love drowning before me.

I held you tight not wanting to let go
I knew I couldn't hold you any longer
listening to those words I knew it was true
I wanted more so much more out of you.

Not letting you do what you wanted to
possessing your every move making it hard
driving you to lose your love for me.

I wanted more so much more
my possessiveness drove you
out the door.

Repeat Chorus.

Giving all yourself to me
now I could see how selfish
I could be knowing what I've done
understanding that eager to please
drowning you in between.

Your love was beautiful from the start
giving all you had I wanted more
while I was draining all your love
your love became no more.

Copyright: Rose E. Ewoldt 3/2009

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A new fan ("Wanted More")

Hey, Shelly:
Thank you for the vote, I really appreciate it. It's not that often that one really can explain the truth and admit being at fault in away. I love creating song lyrics. I can see that some people need a kind of love to hold on to even if it means controlling others, in a wrong way. I wish I had music to the song. I'm working on it though. Thanks again.
Rose P/S You made my day. :o)

a new fan

Hi,Wanted More,to me is a very real look,deep inside yourself,In a place where most of us are afraid the truth,will scare other's away.I like how you let your song admit the truth and even take the blame,to a certain extent.keep up the great lyrics,Shelly R. W.

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