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Colder Than Blue

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IWM# 1220

IWM serial ID: 01220

baby,sometimes,I hear you weeping
I pretend,that I'm still sleeping
I'm,so damned scared
of what your keepin',inside of you

I know I,should try to hold you
I'm not sure,I can console you
lately girl,you've been,Colder Than Blue

(2)Guess there's something,you think your missin'
someone else,you dream of kissin'
some dark secret,you've been wishin', was in your reach
I won't ask,what you can't answer,
dyin' loves,a real bad dancer
when the music playin',is Colder Than Blue
Colder Than Blue,are the eyes that haunt me
like the arms that,didn't really want me
this chilly bed,that still reminds me of you
(1) someday you,will find another
(2)I know you,have found another
but for me,they'll be no other
lately girl,I've been Colder Than Blue
lately baby,I've been,Colder Than Blue
now there's no one, to hear me weepin'
I pretend,that I'm still sleepin'
I'm so damned scared
your memory's keepin,away the truth
I knew I,could never hold you
though,I tried,I can't console you
lately girl,I feel nothin' but blue
--repeat from (2) Guess--
pretty soon,I'll feel nothin, for you
(CHORUS)2-times +
lately girl, I feel nothin, but blue
pretty soon,I'll feel nothin, for you
Colder Than Blue,Colder Than Blue

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thank you

Hi Danny, hows it been going? I hope your so busy with your music and recording that you barely have time to get in trouble.I'm glad you like these lyrics.I've written about 10 songs for a guy to sing so,feel free if you want to try it.I've been working on the musical parts a bit more and soon,I'm gonna put a few on here.I'm not really a singer but just pay attention to the words.Thanks again for the thumbs up.I really appreciate your imput.I keep going through some of these older songs on this site and I am so impressed by you and everyone else.Sometimes I leave little comments too.Have a great day .Shelly R.W.


Thats deep..

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