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Another Nowhere Town (guys song)

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IWM# 1209

IWM serial ID: 01209

another train ride, I'm headed nowhere,slow
to many late nights, for this one man show
lost, in the sunrise, such beauty's, hard to take
no matter where I'm bound
the morning always finds, this ache,
inside of me, I lost you, in Tenn. yeah, yeah
Another No Where Town, is staring back at me,yeah

ain't been, that long ago, my fan's were, screaming,loud
then, after every show, I'd take my pick among the crowd
one look and all that changed,I've never been the same
you took the best of me
and left me on this ,Iron horse alone, you're gone
Another No Where track, this Train keeps Rollin' on
(small lead)
you're, pretty green-eye's, I search for ev-er-yday
I finally realized, my fame, got in the way
now, dawn is fading fast,it's hard to face the sun
that whistles, blowing loud
this Train, has made, another run
to spite me, I lost you,in Tenn. yeah,yeah
Another No Where Town,is staring back at me,ee,yeah
ain't been that long ago,I sold out,ev-er-y show
never thought I'd see, the day , you'd let me go
we shared so many thing's, they faded too, it seems
to many parties left, too little time,
for me and you,girl,were through,
Another No Where Town,has left me,broke and blue

there's time, to watch the rain,
***fall gently, to the ground,can't tell you
where I've been,I don't care where I'm bound
my Guitar's calling me,sure has,a lot to tell
It's time, to write the song
I've learned, to live so well
It's part of me, I lost you, in Tenn. yeah,yeah
Another No Where Town,a place I'll never see (***)

alone,I watch the rain,(***)to (***)
Another No Where Town,is all that's left,for me,yeah

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