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Whiskey Girl

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IWM# 1208

IWM serial ID: 01208

Whiskey Girl (copywritten)

a little bit a lonely, an itty-bitty drink
before to long, you're only love
is being swallowed, by the sink

there ain't no explanation's,( 2nd--understanding)
excuses, don't mean squat
don't blame it on the Whiskey Girl
it gets the blame a lot

a little bit a lonely, another bitty drink
you think that your the only one
who's, living on the brink
you're left to stumble through your life
there ain't no other way
to bad, you chose the Whiskey Girl
amber liquids hell to pay
LEAD + vs 1

it's shear anticipation,that's got a hold on you
you're living you're desirer's girl
but, you're dream's are falling through

you're searching for the courage,
in every little drink
and praying it's the Whiskey Girl
that holds the missing link

repeat chorus + vs. 2+3+chorus again

you swore that you'd be faithful,
said, you do and made a vow
tell me, is it Jack or Jim,
who matter to you know ---repeat CHORUS last time

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