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Joker Of The Night

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IWM# 1180

IWM serial ID: 01180

Melody: I swear the moon winked at me tonight, while all the stars gazed upon me laughing. Heard the wind whisper of a child-hood prank, as I watched the shadows gathering.
They like to play tricks on my mind, show me both sides of the madness and sanity. Show me both sides of the mirror, two faces in the ugliness and vanity.

Bridge: I've never believed in tomorrow, it's just easier living for today. In a world with pain and sorrow, I'd rather just dream myself away...

Chorus: As a joker of the night, a fool for the evening, a jester in the darkness (echo), a clown from dusk to dawn, just a hopeless vagabond.

Melody: The ground beneath me began to move, while the shy above me stood comepletely still. I felt the pulling of time and space, watched thier idiotic battles of will.
They try to open up my eyes,let me see the chaos and serenity. Show me both sides of creation, all it's glory and futility.

Bridge: I never thought about the future, it still reminds me of the past. Black or white it's still just color, like a rainbow made out of glass...

Chorus: so I'll just be a...

(Music Solo?)

Melody: I held the universe in my grasp, whole galaxies in the palm of my hand. planets formed and stars alligned, all space was under my command.
They made me read between the lines, in-between the dreams and reality. See beyond our evolution, of forgiveness and brutality.

Bridge: I never judge a book by it's cover, till I've skipped the pages in-between. We all lie in one way or another, so forgive me when I say it's all a dream...

Chorus: Of a...


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