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Visitors Pass

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IWM# 118

IWM serial ID: 00118

(Spoken in almost a whisper at the intro)
Before you enter, here are the rules

You can not bring your heart inside
Doors must be locked at all times
Keep speaking to necessities
Baggage where I cannot see

I promise you a wild ride
But please don’t plan to stay
When the tour has ended
I would rather you go away

Please don’t take it personal
It’s really not your fault
Everything I had to give
Is gone with out a doubt

There will be no ball and chain
No demands out side the bed
Your visitors pass will expire soon
It’s waste time inside your head

Twisted bodies tangled up
Show me every thing you’ve got
Hot and heavy sweaty too
Can you find the pleasure spot

It’s very dark and dreary
Deep inside my soul
If you want to look inside
The secrets will unfold

Keep the damage minimal
Try hard to stay intact
Control goes out the window
When I see how you react

Your visitors pass expired now
I’m bored please don’t unpack.

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Thank you

Someone told me I ryhm too much. Maybe I do?


I like the poeticness of this song. Good work.

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