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You wrote it, now protect it!


Brick by Brick

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IWM# 117

IWM serial ID: 00117

You built my wall up brick by brick
Layer by layer it feels so thick
No one’s able to get inside
I doubt I’ll ever walk in stride

A canvas colored by many paints
Confused, bewildered by what it taints
You killed me with your method
What you stole was very precious

How could you take that choice away
Spilling blood with the game you play
Raping, stalking, cutting, yearning
Controlling, yelling, biting, burning

Yesterday is my bitter past
Hatred consumes my soul
Tomorrows not looking good
Your love left a gaping hole

With every pain that you inflict
You cement in another brick
You try so fearsly to control
Pushing searing pain below

You started something you can’t end
After twenty years I’d hope to mend
Consumed by another empty lie
This wall is what I use to hide

My sanity you have stolen
Happiness was in your hands
Memories hidden forever
Flavored by all your demands

You built my wall up brick by brick
Layer by layer it feels so thick

With every pain you inflict
You cement in another brick

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I have the music to this one written. I just haven't been able to upload anything yet.

Great Form

I like the flow to this one.

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