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Just Desserts

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IWM# 1156

IWM serial ID: 01156

Another suspension
Another detention
Maybe just if I
would sit back and die
Maybe my life would done
Maybe my life would be over

Cuz you take my heart
and you fill it full of salt
And you take my home
and you burn it to the ground
And If you take my breathe
Dont forget to take my regrets

You make me not able trust you
You make me sleep awake throughout the night
But maybe if you came around I'd give you another chance to make it right
And maybe I'll just get my just desserts.

My just desserts Nah nah nah nah
My just desserts Nah nah nah nah

It's just my just desserts
It's just your clever words
They're both the same to me
They've opened my eyes now I can see

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Where I get all this is from

Where I get all this is from my observations of the stupid drama that some of my friends are involved with.
I just applied what I would have felt in there place to
my own life. I get my best stuff when I write on impulse just like it was placed there by someone.

this is pretty deep.Looks

this is pretty deep.Looks like you really want your listeners to understand, where you are in your writing.Real deep.Keep it real.

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