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Love Me Not

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IWM# 1127

IWM serial ID: 01127

Don’t, don’t love me like that because I, I’m not a safe bet.
I wont believe anything that you say.
I’ll preconceive the fact that you will walk away.
So hello-goodbye, cause that’s where this is heading,
And this freaking time, I wont be the one broken down. Broken down!
So don’t, bet the bank on me, because I just aint what you need. No! Don’t, put your stake in me, because you can’t be what I need.
(That’s just where the road ends, those are the breaks so cut it out!
Can’t love you if I’m broken, so enjoy the ride we both get off.) 2x
So don’t, don’t waist your lies on me.
Cuz they seem 2 be crafted so damn perfectly.
I’ve spent 2 long growing this thick skin, to allow someone else to leave me bleeding.
It may sound obscene, but I hope you know just what I mean.
When I say to you, love me not just break me off.
But I can’t deny, that it’s so tempting.
Last year this time, there would have been no hesitation.
You look like the type to be a heart breaker. But not mine, it’s still not whole.

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