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A Moment of Sin

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IWM# 1109

IWM serial ID: 01109

To speak a name without breath
Whispers filled with emptiness
Lips red, too sweet too resist
Dripping with crimson life
Color of pearl peaks from behind
Serpent of pink beckoning within
Taste of bitter completely divine
Desperation takes briefly it’s foe
Pushed danger and desire so close
Warmth of one felt by another
Consumed passion pressing hard
Devouring time, a moment slowed

Candle wicks with no flames
Dance in the unpaned window
Inviting torch, a soulful view
Created reflections of need
Planting ideas of evening motion
Calling out warnings to heed
Lingering on sights unfamiliar
Withered with the fears of truth
Wishing for more of the same
Glances upon a responsive face
Shadows that glow with rain
Dispensing wisdom that has no age

Emptied of all that it has discovered
Dark and damp is this hungry cave
Swollen from a prolonged waiting
Anguished by a strengthening need
Welcome the pleasure of fulfillment
Collecting the rhythm like dancing
Surrendering the desire to control
Reluctantly releasing all it fears
Displacing tears with fantasy’s
Movement discovering exhaustion
Realized by the spilling of nectar
Appeased with a moment of sin!

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