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Back Burner Bitch

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IWM# 1084

IWM serial ID: 01084

Verse: Your indecisiveness is well…annoying to say the least.
Plus she’s the one that’s basically, trying to put you on a leash.
Besides you are the one who decided to create, this circumstance.
So please excuse me when I say, I’ll sit out this next dance
Personally I’m not the type of girl, to wait for nobody.
So waiting here for you much more would be crazy.
Chorus: Don’t ever wonder why you’ll never get a part of me, you like your space so why don’t I just go and let you breath.
This seems to happen again and again and, starting to think, don’t even wanna be your friend.
Don’t think to wonder why you’ll never get the best of me, you like your space so just let me leave and you can breath. This seems to happen again and again and, starting to think I cant even be your friend. Because this shit has grown so tedious, that is to say can’t be your Back Burner Bitch!
Verse: This situation is so suspect at best, and if its like you say it is then what, what’s with all of this pretence.
You say you’re free of ties but boy I see, the noose around your neck, I like my men to know just what they want, and obviously you aren’t that.
So if you cant make up your mind then I, think its best I moved left.
You must think with me its possible to have, your cake and eat it too, oh boy just watch me as I move along…without you.
Bridge: In this equation, things just don’t add up you see.
Here’s and idea, why don’t you just minus me.
Its so black and white you know, so if your into contrast I’ll just go.
You seem so confused, so let me uncomplicated things for you ohh!

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back burner bitch

i can relate to the message in this song. you did a good job geeting to the point.

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