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Race Car

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IWM# 1076

IWM serial ID: 01076

Verse 1:
How can I be so innocent?
When temptations at my door?

Why do I get this feeling?
Consecutively screaming for more?
I can’t help this toxic addiction
[when it’s so fake]
I am not your race car baby
You drive me hazy
I don’t know what you want
So just pull the stick back yeah
Since I’m that crazy
I’m not your race car
I see the horizon down the path
Everyone is lying, I’m scared to death
I’ll just take this risk
To burn it all within
I anticipate your hands, moving around my waist
Don’t make haste
Take your time
And you will be mine
I’m not just for a game
I may be insane
But I know what’s going through your mind
I’m not like anyone else
You know I’m one of a kind

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race car

this is really good. i love your lyrics.

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