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"EMOTIONS" by: Rose E. Ewoldt

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IWM# 1066

IWM serial ID: 01066

verse 1 intro
There comes a day when I finally say
My heart and soul need to know
Where my life began so long ago.

verse 2
Love and pride taught me not to hide
Stand up tall and give it my all
Courage to face everyday
To see the light in many ways.

For who I am brought me this far
Showing me the way to find out now
Emotions run deep within my soul
Tears of joy not fears to destroy
Forever grateful in God's eyes.

Given life by another
Raised by someone other
Loved by all from the start
No wrongs just rights
Finding your inner self is worth the plight.

verse 3
Unconditional love is what I see
For what God has given me
The right to find the ones
Who gave life not destruction
Thanking them from my heart
Grateful for what they gave to me.

Repeat Chorus.

Repeat verse 1.

verse 4
Finding your inner self deep within
Becomes a beautiful way to say
May God bless you for your thoughtful ways
It could of turned out different some say.

Final verse
The day has come I can finally say
I'm blessed for what you've done for me
Unconditional love is what I see
All wonderful emotions deep inside of me.

Copyright: Rose E. Ewoldt 1/2009

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Emotions comment

Hi, Lolly:

Thank you so much for commenting on my songs "Emotions," and "There Comes A Time."
I enjoy writing songs and singing as well, except I have a head cold which makes my songs sound, well...
not there best.
I wanted to get those 2 songs registered ASAP. If I could sing those songs all over again, and replace the recorded ones I sent in, I would, but we know that can't happen. And that's ok.
The next songs I send in will be an improvement. I will belt them out like I was a professional or close to one. :o) You have given me a boost of pride and confidence which I am grateful for. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and suggestions.
Wild rose 1


once again great job! you have a nice voice and you know what you can do with it. the one thing i have a comment on is to sing with more confidence. this is YOUR song and no one can say that you're singing it wrong. you know what your voice can do, so just be sure of yourself. i think you can go a long way.

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