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You wrote it, now protect it!


It's My Fault

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IWM# 105

IWM serial ID: 00105

There's no way that I will take
All the blame for my own pain
Tell me how it's all on me
For what you did, I'm not the same
Killing me with all of your lies
I trusted every thing you said
Forgetting all that I believed
The way I dressed, it's in your head

I don't try hard enough for you
Tell me again how I can heal
I never seem to get it right
Tell me again the shame YOU feel
How can you ever forgive me
For all that I've done wrong
Trying to resist you
Even though you are so strong

It's my fault, I let you hurt me
It's my fault, I didn't duck
It's my fault, that you raped me
It's my fault, what the fuck?

I let your lies consume me
I tried to make you stop
I showed you disobedience
You tried to make me stop
I was sleeping with the enemy
That fault was all my own
I was too terrified to run
You were all that I had known

It's my fault, I let you scare me
It's my fault, I didn't leave
Your load gun was aimed at me
It's my fault, that you deceive!

Pulling me even further
From the life that made me whole
You separated me from all
The dreams that filled my soul
You promised me forever
I couldn't be more afraid
Together would be hell
Never is what you made

I promise myself to no one
My walls get stronger now
Every breath to great to bare
My death you won't allow
Controlling me forever
Despite the pain it brings
That's all that gives you pleasure
Killing me from within

We both know it's my fault
So go ahead and hurt me
Let your frustrations out
Go ahead and rape me
Just to hear me shout
My tears they brought you happiness
Of this I have no doubt
But you will never see them again
And this is all my fault.

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Music Written

I have the music written now. I just haven't been able to upload anything yet.

Missing chords

I hope you figure it out. This is another one I would like to hear.

This song

I have been trying to write the music for this one but I keep getting stuck. I can hear it in my head but can't quite get the chords right.

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