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Ryan McReynolds - I'll Post What I Want

IWM# 3647

1st verse
I know you hate the things I post
I know you wish that I was toast
I know you hate the things I say
I know you wish I'd go away


2nd verse
I know you hate the way I sing

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Ryan McReynolds - Move To North Korea

IWM# 3646

1st verse
You like to gripe and moan a lot
because you failed your evil plots
You complain like ev'rything's bad
You act so pathetic and sad

Hope you move to North Korea

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Ryan McReynolds - W.C.T.W.O.M.

IWM# 3645

1st verse
Won't support the death of babies
They've been clipped from some young ladies
Suffocation so disgusting
Moloch's ways have left us rusing

Won't convert to ways of Moloch

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Ryan McReynolds - We Auties

IWM# 3644

We Auties
Words and Music by Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
You treat us like we have no brain
You think of us as major pains
You act like we don't hear your words

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Ryan McReynolds - My Point Of View

IWM# 3643

My Points of View
Words and Music by
Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
You need to sit on the crapper
And turn off your dirty lantern
You cannot try to change my mind

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Ryan McReynolds - Don't Breed The Seed

IWM# 3642

Don't Breed The Seed
Words and Music by
Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
I know you like to cause trouble
I know you live in a bubble
You act like you're satan's child

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Ryan McReynolds - Final Day

IWM# 3641

Final Day
Words and Music by Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
I knew this day was gonna come
And now this day has just begun
Did you accept or reject Christ
Are you saved or paying a price

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Ryan McReynolds - Justice Will Fall

IWM# 3640

Justice Will Fall
Music and Lyrics by Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
Falsely accuse me of bad things
Your own misery you did bring
You're not content with your damn pay

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