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oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

""LLevame Contigo"

IWM# 3602

No me abandones,aunque no me quieras

seria la tristeza que me acavaria

LLevame contigo,no me dejes solo

aunque sea un ratito,llevame contigo

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Solo Te Pido Un Favor"

IWM# 3601

Antes de que te despidas

Solo te pido un favor

Dejame besar tus labios

Aver si sientes calor

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Easter Rising

IWM# 3600

1:34 minutes (1.44 MB)

1st verse
Centuries we've lived in despair
It's a cross that we've had to bear
Our nation we're gonna restore
We're ready to march off to war

We're rising up for our freedom

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture


IWM# 3599

Voy a dormirme por un ratito

cuando diespierte dame un besito

Linda Morena de ojitos cafeses

Lo que deseo es+que me beses

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"She Better Run She Better Hide"

IWM# 3598

Here I come she better run if she knows what's good
for her

I'm on fire with desire and I'm looking for that

There's a yearning in my soul and it's got me in a

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !There's nothing like Asheville

IWM# 3597

2:50 minutes (2.6 MB)

Thought I was just passing through
Didn’t know what I was getting myself into
When I arrived, parked down the Battle Square
Walked over to Page and Haywood right there

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Poco A Poquito"

IWM# 3593

Estan lluviendo cubetas.pero eso ami no me importa

Porque con este llanto ya ando todo empapado

La mujer que yo un jalon me dejo

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Si Tu Amor Se Va"

IWM# 3592

Ya no estes llorando

Ya no estes sufriendo

Si tu Amor se marcho

Manana llega otro

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