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Ryan McReynolds - Young You Were

IWM# 3659

1st verse
Trying To find the right words
After the sad news I heard
I know that you've left the Earth
Now begins eternal birth

Innocent and young you were

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Ryan McReynolds - You Told Lies

IWM# 3658

1st verse
I can smell the hate spewed at me
You're vicious like a killer bee
A Massive jerk is what you are
You really belong behind bars

Why do you accuse me of junk?

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Ryan McReynolds - Precious Gray & White

IWM# 3657

1st verse
you were an awesome kitty cat
I really know this for a fact
You were kitten like to the end
You were such a beautiful friend

You were my precious gray and white

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Ryan McReynolds - Meet On The Other Side

IWM# 3656

1st verse
Possessed name of Adam's good son
I know the battle wasn't fun
I'm sorry that you dealt with pain
But your memory shall remain

I know the process has been stamp'd

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Ryan McReynolds - What I Deserved

IWM# 3655

1st verse
I realize the crime that I've done
I'm not feeling the need to run
The consequences I must face
I have accepted this short fate

I know I got what I deserved

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Ryan McReynolds - I Know We're In The Latter Days

IWM# 3654

1st verse
I can see the debauchery
I can see mankind's wicked deeds
Decay of values and morals
Opening the devils portals

I know we're in the latter days

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Ryan McReynolds - Debauchery

IWM# 3653

1st verse
Why have we forsaken the Lord?
Why did we choose to give him scorn?
Why do we violate his laws
And let great evil be installed.

Debauchery plaguing this land

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Seem Weird

IWM# 3651

1st verse
I know the path of suffering
The feelings of being ignored
I understand the rejection
The slamming of the open doors

I know how it feels to seem weird

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