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rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Muhammad I'll Never Follow

IWM# 3573

3:18 minutes (3.02 MB)

1st verse
I won't face Mecca when I pray
I don't care what you have to say
The holy truth is what I know
Don't matter what you try to show

Muhammad I'll never follow

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Paris

IWM# 3572

3:03 minutes (2.8 MB)

1st verse
You thought that you were very smart
When I know that you have no heart
Murdering loads of innocents
Your wicked deeds just make no sense

You chose to attack Paris, France

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Cold Outside

IWM# 3571

2:19 minutes (2.13 MB)

1st verse
Traveling straight down this snowy road
Outside is feeling very cold
Traveling down for the holidays
I'm gonna see my family

It's feeling very cold outside

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"You An Angel In Disguise'

IWM# 3567


Walking that lonely avenue

the one most people have been through

Don't know what else that I can do

I'm feeling blue from head to toe

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"The Day I Fell In Love With You"

IWM# 3566

I didn't want no part of love

I wasn't looking for romance

Just thought that I had had enough

and wasn't willing+to take a chance

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Para Que Sirve Un Corazon"

IWM# 3565

Ay Corazon ten precaucion cuando ames por favor

estoy cansado de andar de flor en flor

Mejor encuentra un corazon para fijar un gran amor

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Morenita Traicionera"

IWM# 3564

Hay+viene /la Morena Traicionera

Es una mujer muy preciosa

no parece que mata una mosquita

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Que Buena Suerte"

IWM# 3563

Tejano o Conjunto

Recuerdo el dia que te devise

porque fue el dia en que me enamore

Los Pajaritos cantaban/una cancion de Amor

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