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The Witch Hunters

IWM# 58

Firelight, Firelight

Dance around the Witches Night

Climb upon her tainted skin

Underneath the Glares of men

As she sings the Song of Spells

Listen to the things she tells's picture


IWM# 57

I remain here broken, spellcast
Words I say shant last
Till death, till death, we'll never leave
My loves last breath on winters sleeve

I turn away from the dying day's picture


IWM# 56

Bleeding Sister Suffer

She dances all Alone

Beneath a Veil of Raindrops

Thunders melancholy drone

I wish that i could Help Her

Peel away her Scars's picture


IWM# 55

We play ring around the rosy

in blood thats stale yet flowing

drowning in our putrid minds

can you see us, ripped up smile

as we rip you up and swallow bile's picture


IWM# 54

Twisted ribs break through my skin

as trails of blood dance down my chin

i giggle at the creep in me

as i drown myself in agony

these hollowed eyes, they see straight through's picture

Sacred Sound Of Solitude

IWM# 53

Solitude, my sweetest sound,

Like hollowness on broken ground

The lullaby of captured dreams

Nightmares and the things it means

Wrap you tight, they wont let go

Emsbitch1's picture

step in step out

IWM# 52

in out in out in out
step it step it step it
just dance just dance
down low on da floor

seein ya move just the flow
it's what u do
yeah just shake it babe

Emsbitch1's picture

what u wanna do baby

IWM# 51

hey..... o
what cha wanna do bab...y
seein ya wit her
seein ya smile
lookin ta ya eyes
what cha doin

seein ya
what cha do
what cho wanna do
I saya who say..

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