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IWM# 69

im juss waiting here
sitting here
hopeing that your name will apear
infrount of my face
but for now im stuck in this place
not so full of grace

kakk1202's picture

let duet updated version

IWM# 68

let it in
with the worlds whight all on your shoulders
-let it
go cuz' we're all gettin older-
so dont just lie around
put your two feet on the ground

-I want to belive in you

my_1_luv_m u s i c's picture

the block

IWM# 67

im the block bleeda,
hit ya wit ma heata,
im da street docta an i can treat ya
go get ma choppa yeah she'll like to meet ya,
pockets full of chedda, cups full of dro, blunts fulla

my_1_luv_m u s i c's picture

my love

IWM# 66

my love floats high above,
flying like white doves.
floating softly in the air,
is my love never fear.

it's as warm as summer and never cold,
always new and never old.

music_is_my_thing's picture

what is love

IWM# 63

you stand there...
staring at me blankly...
you tell me you that love me...
but i dont believe you
your tell me its true but
i dont love you and i just wont leave!!!'s picture

Singing to My betrayer

IWM# 62

Crimson gowns made of ashes

Floating in Melancholy memories of you

I will drown with bleeding gashes

As my crimson gowns soaked through

With the blood that seeps out slow's picture


IWM# 61

Who is to blame
For the death of the day
As night time bleeds blackness
And daylight trembles away
An ebony sky
Reflected in my eyes
As the moonlight tricked me
So wickedly's picture


IWM# 60

Bang Bang, You look so hardcore

When you're lying dead

On my floor

Sunken Smile, My sheets are stained

Watch my Skin, It's all in vain

Bang Bang, Bullet to The Head

Love is Pain

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