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jtrzeciak's picture

I Believe In Angels

IWM# 88

I was feeling lonely,
But afraid to love again,
For my heart was still healing,
And needed time to mend,
But then I met you,
And we soon became friends,
We were helping each other,

jtrzeciak's picture

Goodbye Mister Sun

IWM# 87

Before the darkness falls,
And all the stars appear,
I head down to the beach,
And walk out on the pier,
Where everyone comes to celebrate,
The end of another day,

markwest's picture

you don't know her

IWM# 86

4:35 minutes (4.22 MB)

you don't know her

intro- g d c g d

(g)look over thier in the corner (d)sitting in that chair.
(c)she looks so good to every (g)man who comes (D)near.--

markwest's picture

you don't know her

IWM# 85

you don't know her

intro- g d c g d

(g)look over thier in the corner (d)sitting in that chair.
(c)she looks so good to every (g)man who comes (D)near.--

markwest's picture

heavens radio

IWM# 84

8:01 minutes (7.35 MB)

heavens radio
verse 1
baby you know that love you and i always always will,
baby you know that i miss you yes i miss you i can't explain how it feels,

guin_stanton's picture


IWM# 83

She sits in silence
Her face kissed by tears
She waits in fear
Of what’s next to come
A stolen child
In a lost and broken world
She’s invisible
Out of millions, only one


The_Secret_Medicine's picture


IWM# 80

This is a Song I wrote called Serendipity

This world has changed into a place
Where love is purely based on a pretty face
But I don't agree I'd say that True Beauty

somos's picture

An Ocean Voyage... A Real Journey

IWM# 79

5:30 minutes (5.04 MB)

Message in a bottle:
When this reaches you, I'll be gone.
I left. And I'm not sorry
I've found better company alone.

We said, "I trust you. You touch me."
That's not what I feel anymore.

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