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cmohammed's picture

Truest True

IWM# 110

Captivated by your
Courage and your bravery
Broken hearted when you
Don't speak to me

I feel so calm when I am
Right by your side
Never alone when trials come my way


I am relaxed in your strong arms
I am me I never feel harmed
I can see why I stick to you
You are my truest true


When darkness comes my way
I, never seem to care
As long as you're with me

David Spiegel's picture

Dreaming with you

IWM# 109

I woke up this morning and had a nice dream, I looked in your eyes you were looking at me. You were hooked to a wiggle the night before oh how I wish I could dream some more.You had tight jeans and oh what a smile gee how I wish I could dream awhile.

Black Atticus's picture

Love and Grow by Black Atticus

IWM# 108

2:52 minutes (2.96 MB)

No fans for the show,
No stands full of doe,
No hands waving 'HO!''
No plans for the roads,
No place to go, and I know

I can not breath,
I can not leave,
I can't achieve,
Until I see
what you've been
trying to tell me
Now, now, now, now now now.. i'm feeling the pain,
i'm feeling the shame,,
and I am

The sound (sound)
Of a Soul (a Soul)

drbone's picture


IWM# 107

3:03 minutes (2.77 MB)

sorry just wrote it havent put the words on pc yet
tell me what you think

Silent-Rage's picture

This Is What I Want

IWM# 106

When you see me smile
There's something that I want
I promise I will use you
There's something that you got

I don't want flowers or candy
I don't want pleasantries
I just need to escape
The world inside of me

Don't try to hold on to me
When you touch me don't speak
Your words will only fail you
I never was that weak

I want to feel what you can do
There is nothing more to say

Silent-Rage's picture

It's My Fault

IWM# 105

There's no way that I will take
All the blame for my own pain
Tell me how it's all on me
For what you did, I'm not the same
Killing me with all of your lies
I trusted every thing you said
Forgetting all that I believed
The way I dressed, it's in your head

I don't try hard enough for you
Tell me again how I can heal
I never seem to get it right
Tell me again the shame YOU feel

Silent-Rage's picture

Bed Of Roses

IWM# 104

A bed of roses made of thorns,
My blood spilled down my back,
The river of tears never showing
My soul filling up with black.
Your gentle touch gave way to force,
As I whisper out good-bye.
My head giving way to the voice,
As my heart begins to die.
Begging for your mercy
Till I only feel defeat,
Strength that I was building
Some how crumbled at your feet.

Silent-Rage's picture

Your Voice

IWM# 103

You and I, we were one.
The best of friends like no one.
My pain you always took away.
My path was clear when I thought you'd stay.
You always caught me when I was falling.
Putting me back together was your calling.
Each mistake that I had made,
You gently steered me another way.

Your voice penetrating every seem.
Once so sublime now burns like a scream.

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