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vg3100's picture

As I Am

IWM# 123

Verse1 I wake up on my bed, I look at the clock, it’s 3 in the morning, that’s not close enough. My eyelids won’t close at all, I stare at the ceiling, and think about what you said to me.

richb's picture

Calypso by Billy

IWM# 122

4:45 minutes (6.54 MB)

Time is not a one-way street
Opportunity’s not a window
Traveling, it don’t take your feet
I’m sick and tired, let the wind blow

Don’t know what is all the rage

Silent-Rage's picture

Let You In

IWM# 121

I never ask for things that you can’t give
My requests are never demands
You tell me that I’ll get my way
Just as soon as I let you in

I promised you I’d be faithful

Yuli's picture

Dance my tears away

IWM# 120

I hit the town with my girls tonight
Cause I had to make myself feel alright
After what you put me through
Even though I gave my love to you
Gave my love to you

Silent-Rage's picture


IWM# 119

I didn’t ask to feel this way, I just managed to succumb,
To all the things in the world that make a person numb.

A life filled with happiness, a life filled with glee

Silent-Rage's picture

Visitors Pass

IWM# 118

(Spoken in almost a whisper at the intro)
Before you enter, here are the rules

You can not bring your heart inside
Doors must be locked at all times
Keep speaking to necessities

Silent-Rage's picture

Brick by Brick

IWM# 117

You built my wall up brick by brick
Layer by layer it feels so thick
No one’s able to get inside
I doubt I’ll ever walk in stride

A canvas colored by many paints

richb's picture

Milo by Billy

IWM# 116

6:10 minutes (8.47 MB)


All the changes caused by my rages
And I can't stand it being by your side
And tomorrow, you'll be gone but I won't follow
I'm gonna kick it off in my style
I can't wait for tomorrow....

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