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audio by year 2012

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Fight Tyranny

IWM# 2951

3:25 minutes (3.13 MB)

You Want To Enslave Us
Put Us All On Death's Bus
You Want Us to Worship You
You Tell Us Things We Know Aren't True

You Want To Lock Us Up
Because We Say We've Had Enough

wrightaaron's picture

-Breakthrough- By Aaron Wright © 1-2-12

IWM# 2955

3:03 minutes (3.49 MB)

Going to get my breakthrough, I know He'll see me through
His word is always true, it never fails
When the valley's low and the mountains high
I will keep my eyes on Him


wewantfresh's picture

What If

IWM# 2959

3:33 minutes (4.9 MB)

intro.. What if, what if, what if (repeat 2x)

what if he was gone, never been alive
what if he never spared your life
have you ever thought about it if he didnt do it

wrightaaron's picture


IWM# 3012

3:38 minutes (3.33 MB)

ive been waiting such a long long time
waiting seems like most of my life
i know you hear me when i call your name
devils in my ear saying things will never change

Yuli's picture

!Yuli - !Don't wanna feel ( draft)©Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 3045

4:08 minutes (3.8 MB)

d a
I don't wanna feel, don't wanna feel anymore
I don't want anyone knocking on my heart's door
I don't wanna feel, I don't wanna feel anymore
Don't wanna feel anymore

Mani's picture

Mani - We Gon Party

IWM# 3055
Click to play
3:55 minutes (2.69 MB)

We gon party, party, party, party,
party, party, party (Repeat 3x)

Verse One:
You're the better part
Of my beating heart
One bottle of wine
Now we intertwine
The fun just begun

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !No Fairy Tale Ending

IWM# 3060

4:32 minutes (4.15 MB)

No FairyTale Ending © 03.23.2012 Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1:
I hope you'll be happy
If we let this go
You'll find what you need
And let your heart grow
Don't let me stop you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !If you gave me your heart

IWM# 3071

4:49 minutes (4.42 MB)

"If you gave me your heart" © 04.02.2012 Yuliya Johnson

G7 C
If you gave me your heart
You would never have to worry
If I gave you my heart
Then would I only say I love you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Your lips ( his lips)

IWM# 3087

3:47 minutes (3.47 MB)

a d
I saw you dancing with her
While I was dancing with him
Out on the dance floor
Your hands on her
His hands on me
You didn't think I've seen you
But your heart spoke to my brain

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Crying Out

IWM# 3132

1:34 minutes (1.44 MB)

1st verse
The System Chose To Lock You Up
They Didn't Want To Hear Your Cry
I know You Had Days That Felt Tough
So Many Efforts You Had Tried

The System Ignored You Badly

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !My heart and my head part

IWM# 3134

3:13 minutes (2.94 MB)

My heart and my head part" ©04.25.2012Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1:
Sus F with G in the bass line, d, a
Simple touch of your hand
Seduces me out of my mind
Can't look you in the eye

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Paving Us The Way

IWM# 3143

1:52 minutes (1.71 MB)

1st verse
I Know That You Had Done Some Time
When You Didn't Commit A Crime
You Had The Strong Will To Survive
I Thank God That You Are Alive

I Am Glad That We Spoke Online

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !If you wanna be bad

IWM# 3145

3:27 minutes (3.17 MB)

F G7 C
This is very much a physical attraction
When I saw you I couldn't help, but stare
Thank God I was wearing short shorts and high heels
the day when I met you
The day we met you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Just for the moment

IWM# 3155

3:31 minutes (3.23 MB)

I will post the lyrics another time. ....This is one of those too personal songs that I am not performing live too often because some songs are better kept to oneself

awesome201's picture

Oh R Bee - Just Let It Rip

IWM# 3149

2:56 minutes (2.72 MB)

Uh Huh
Uh Huh
Has there ever been a time where you had to fart,
But you were in public so you didn't do it.
Well, here's a tip:

Chorus: X2
Just let it rip!

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Wrap me up in your arms (first draft :)

IWM# 3161

5:35 minutes (5.11 MB)

Chorus: E C7 F a
Wrap me up in your arms baby>2
Maybe I will stay
Wrap me up in your arms baby>2
Like it's a holiday
Wrap me up in your arms baby>3
D F: In your arms, I wanna stay

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !a little bit of free styling :)

IWM# 3162

0:54 minutes (852.29 KB)

Don't tell me you love me
Don't tell me you care
Cause I just wanna want you for a whole year
No, I don't wanna be satisfied
I just want you to blow my mind
They say that
Everything fades away

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Evil Actions (Wicked Tractions)

IWM# 3167

1:59 minutes (1.82 MB)

Evil Actions
Wicked Tractions

Terrible Foes
Wickedness Flows

Dark Odors
satan's Order

Breaking God's Laws
Terrible Flaws

Evilness Lurks
Many Are Hurt

Wretchedness Came

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !My Sweet Jack

IWM# 3180

3:19 minutes (3.05 MB)

"My Sweet Jack"©07.31.2012 Yuliya Johnson

G7 F7
Met up at Starbucks
Tea & Lemon pie
Walking hand in hand
Talking music
That was Jack and I
Now there's a new man

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !That's what a real man does

IWM# 3184

3:34 minutes (3.27 MB)

Bb F
You know how to talk to a lady
From the moment you meet her
You'll buy her a drink
Or anything she wants
Like a real man
You have no expectations
You just happy to know

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !A little bit amused or you leave me

IWM# 3194

3:21 minutes (3.07 MB)

Verse 1: C Gsus
I don't know what you're thinkin
Its been awhile since we talked
You know this feeling
It won't go away
I don't wanna be your bad muse
But you leave me with no choice

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Take me now

IWM# 3196

2:40 minutes (2.44 MB)

If I was Cleopatra - The Queen of Egypt this is the kind of songs I'd write:

C7 e
We're in the dark
The stars are shining
Your lips are on my lips
There go your fingertips

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Cloud 9 version 2

IWM# 3200

3:56 minutes (3.6 MB)

Already copyrighted.......................................................................Version 2 Just Cloud 9 © 04.27.2012 Yuliya Johnson
(The whole song is played without a pick)

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Stay with me

IWM# 3205

3:33 minutes (3.25 MB)

Verse 1:

e a D G
Your lips are sugar sweet
Your touch is mine to keep
Even if you dare not to be with me
I'll keep you in my memories
Cause you have touched my soul

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - My Own Struggle

IWM# 3222

2:17 minutes (2.1 MB)

1st verse

I sent myself to the corner
I made myself sleep on the floor
I felt I wasn’t being good
I made myself eat yucky food


I’m in need of reassurance

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - I'm A Rebel

IWM# 3223

2:24 minutes (2.21 MB)

1st verse:

Evil reigns on this whole system
Wicked order comes upon us
I refuse to be a victim
I refuse to be turned to rust


I suppose that I'm a rebel

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - The Damage You've Done

IWM# 3224

3:04 minutes (2.81 MB)

1st verse

You made the claim that you're a mom
But then you did things that were wrong
Gluing your kid's hands to the wall
I know you're facing you downfall


rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - I Can't Deny

IWM# 3230

2:58 minutes (2.73 MB)

1st verse:

Is history doomed to repeat
Do we replace God with reason?
Are we landing in a hot seat?
Are we facing a grand treason?


I can't deny the holocaust

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - The Truth

IWM# 3231

2:39 minutes (2.43 MB)

1st verse

You claim that I’m causing trouble
When you’re the one who caused this mess
Why are you stuck in your bubble?
Why are you causing all this stress?


rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Condemned Leader

IWM# 3232

1:37 minutes (1.48 MB)

1st verse

You run a church but you’re not saved
You’re digging your eternal grave
You cannot deal with what is true
I don’t know what is wrong with you


rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Romans Are Coming

IWM# 3234

1:58 minutes (1.8 MB)

1st verse

Why aren’t we ready to survive?
When the Lord said run for your life
Great massacre coming our way
The time has come for us to pray


Yeshua gave us the warnings

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Our Shepherd Removed

IWM# 3239

2:13 minutes (2.03 MB)

1st verse

You chose to be very hateful
You chose to go against God's will
Shall I tell you what else I know?
Body of Christ you chose to kill


What point were you trying to prove?

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Hate and Betrayal

IWM# 3240

1:39 minutes (1.51 MB)

1st verse

You betrayed the trust I gave you
You’re spreading stories that ain’t true
I use to think you were a friend
Your behavior I can’t defend


rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Unworkable Suggestions

IWM# 3241

1:35 minutes (1.45 MB)

1st verse

You tell me get a degree first
Before I get myself a job
But in order to get the cash
I absolutely need a job

Stop suggesting things that won’t work

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !He saved me from you and I am falling for him

IWM# 3244

3:30 minutes (3.21 MB)

Should have never wrote about you
Cuz you thought you had me
You were so damn wrong
I've just met an angel
and he's put you to shame
He's tender and sweet

embers's picture

My Savior Heard

IWM# 3251

3:07 minutes (5.71 MB)

Ain't nothing changed sin is still delicious still one of our favorite Dishes,
sweet potato fried chicken with them cajun mixes,
feel the consequences every time that we have it,

embers's picture

Foreign Land

IWM# 3252

4:15 minutes (7.8 MB)

Laying in my bed hear the shots, bum bum bum,
followed by the screams call the cops 911
walk down the block on the ground someone's son
bleeding out on the street tell the ambulance come

embers's picture

Gray Sky

IWM# 3253

5:52 minutes (10.75 MB)

Heard it's voice again loud and Clear
Now I can't seem to move and get up out this chair
Got kids and a wife that love me job and a house
three cars and I just don't care,

embers's picture

Ignorance Ain't Bliss

IWM# 3254

4:42 minutes (8.62 MB)

From what I've heard I been hurt so many times
Sometimes I rather just be blind
This is why they say

In a world such as this ignorance is bliss, If I don't know about it than it doesn't exist,

embers's picture

Turning The Lights On

IWM# 3255

5:49 minutes (10.64 MB)

Did you ever think it'd be this way probably not,
If I knew then what I knew now I think I'd probably stop,
Than again why would I stop, truth is I do it today,

embers's picture

Take Me Away

IWM# 3256

3:51 minutes (7.06 MB)

My God, she was innocent, looken at a child who was stolen by a syndicate, looken at her now, in her eyes, you couldn't see a soul, with no control, it is sick, how far a man will go, can't take it,

Mani's picture

Mani - Priority (X-rated)

IWM# 3259
Click to play
4:12 minutes (2.89 MB)

Priority (X-rated)

Girl, I just wanna tell you
I love the fuck out you
Say what now?
You want me to shut up and keep pumping on that pussy

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Breaking

IWM# 3265

3:47 minutes (3.46 MB)

"Breaking" © 12/10/2012 Yuliya Johnson

A A6 ( so a, c#, f#. a) downward strumming
I like pretty things
I like flowers
When you make me feel so good
I like your face

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !You're like an obsession

IWM# 3262

4:40 minutes (4.28 MB)

You're like an obsession Yuliya Johnson
DM7 A(aeec#)
As you watched me play for the 1st time
I knew there was something behind your eyes
Your hidden intentions became my emotions' direction

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson(Yuli Johnson) - !Sweet rapture (draft)

IWM# 3258

4:34 minutes (4.18 MB)

Cm7 Bb
Never needed anyone the way I need you
Our souls join the sound of the night
As Im lost in your eyes
Never wanted anyone the way I want you
I am caught up in you
So don't let go


rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - What Child Is This

IWM# 3271

2:22 minutes (2.18 MB)

My own version of a public domain Christmas track that is a time honored traditional Christmas song, I do not own the words to the song but I do own the recording itself.

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Christmas Time (Sacred Time)

IWM# 3272

4:44 minutes (4.33 MB)

Christmas time
Sacred time
Precious time
Holy time
Birth of Christ
Very nice
Savior born
Opened door
Christmas time
Sacred time
Precious one
God’s own son
Our savior

matthewsearing's picture

For My Wife

IWM# 3301

4:10 minutes (9.56 MB)

For My Wife

You came to me when I was alone
I swore that I never needed no one

You made me laugh when I was so down
And thought I would never come up off the ground

matthewsearing's picture

the Spectrum

IWM# 3302

4:08 minutes (1.9 MB)

The Spectrum

A child of love’s a thing of joy
A little girl, a little boy
It’s enough to make you think
the world’s your own
We kissed your head and held your hand

MENTAL's picture

NO JOKE(R&B)written by hasani syed hook written by kap 1 for messagecarriersinc

IWM# 2973

4:00 minutes (3.68 MB)



MENTAL's picture

COME YOUTH written and produced by hasani syed aka mental of messagecarriersinc

IWM# 2974

0 bytes


OOOH OOOH OOOH OOOH OOOOH..............................................

MENTAL's picture

LOVE VS WAR written and produced by hasani syed aka menta of message carriers inc

IWM# 2976

0 bytes



MENTAL's picture

FORGIVE ME written and produced by hasani syed aka mental of message carriers inc

IWM# 2975

0 bytes



MENTAL's picture

LOVE KEEPS CALLING MY NAME written and produced by hasani syed aka mental of messagecarriersinc

IWM# 2977

0 bytes


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