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audio by year 2007

james4shante's picture


IWM# 9

4:21 minutes (3.99 MB)
markwest's picture

you don't know her

IWM# 86

4:35 minutes (4.22 MB)

you don't know her

intro- g d c g d

(g)look over thier in the corner (d)sitting in that chair.
(c)she looks so good to every (g)man who comes (D)near.--

nyalcline3's picture

the real post-evp

IWM# 160

2:49 minutes (3.24 MB)

recorded 6/14/08

hcholbertsongwriter's picture

No Promises

IWM# 240

3:26 minutes (7.86 MB)

Just in case I might be wrong
and today is all I get

iId like to say how
much I Love you
and hope we never forget

tomorrow is not promised
young or old alike

hcholbertsongwriter's picture

the Mountain

IWM# 242

1:36 minutes (1.52 MB)

acoustic Instrumental

RecordProducer's picture

"Cute Dude" by Irena Shiloh

IWM# 265

3:21 minutes (7.69 MB)

Music & Lyrics: Irena Shiloh, 2004
Arranged & produced by: Irena Shiloh, 2004

In-Yo Prism's picture

Blue Future (A Long Time Coming

IWM# 266

6:49 minutes (6.24 MB)
In-Yo Prism's picture

Lake Of Disguises

IWM# 268

5:51 minutes (8.05 MB)
majorshadow's picture

I Can Only Be Me By Major Shadow

IWM# 396

2:46 minutes (6.32 MB)


majorshadow's picture

Don't Let My Tears Roll In Vain

IWM# 397

1:15 minutes (1.77 MB)

Don't let my tears roll in vain
Now that my sunshine has drifted away
And although my heart in pain
I'll keep searching for a brighter day
I know it gets better
And we'll all feel pain

majorshadow's picture

One Time For Love

IWM# 398

2:03 minutes (2.9 MB)

There's one time for love
And I just want let it pass me by
When it comes to me
I will hold on
Cuz it only comes one in life
There's one time for love
And I just won't let it pass me by

majorshadow's picture

Get in the back-seat

IWM# 399

1:42 minutes (3.87 MB)

Get in the back seat
And let Jesus lead the way
Get in the back seat
Just let Jesus lead the way
There's just only one Leader
And Jesus Christ is He
So get down off your pedastal

majorshadow's picture


IWM# 400

1:45 minutes (2.48 MB)

On a little donkey 2000 years ago
Christ rode into Jerusalem so all the world would know
He was fufilling prorphecy
And everyone would sing
And worship their Savior, Messiah and King

yapdem's picture

Prince of Africa: Sankara

IWM# 425

4:09 minutes (3.81 MB)
darkcalvin's picture

Perch on High by DarkCalvin

IWM# 449

4:41 minutes (4.3 MB)


Do you ever think about me, when the stars are shining down through Heaven’s door?

And can you live without me? Do you even think about us anymore?

getcater's picture

More Good Than Bad -- Glenn Carter

IWM# 633

3:46 minutes (37.97 MB)
boudah2013's picture

Still Holdin On by: Justin Holt

IWM# 647

5:32 minutes (5.07 MB)
chuckhowardmusic's picture

we become one by chuck howard

IWM# 684

3:43 minutes (3.4 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Trying To Find Kentucky By Danny Baty

IWM# 855

3:05 minutes (4.25 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Tell Arizona By Danny Baty

IWM# 877

3:41 minutes (5.07 MB)

“Tell Arizona”
(Danny Baty)

I woke up this morning with the world heavy on my shoulder.
The reflection in my mirror I didn’t like.
So I stumbled down the road without a warning.

dannybaty's picture

Cherry Dr. Pepper

IWM# 846

4:31 minutes (6.21 MB)

“Cherry Dr. Pepper” (Who I Am)
(Danny Baty – John Baxter)

Our Paths may never cross this way again.
All we had, we may never have again.
Holding each other in each others arms.

dannybaty's picture

Come To Me By Danny Baty

IWM# 861

4:10 minutes (5.73 MB)

“Come To Me”
(Danny Baty)

Wish I had a nickel,
For every sad song that I’ve played.
Every time I broke your heart,
And you had to walk away.
Lord you know I’d be a rich man,

dannybaty's picture

Cowboy Up

IWM# 849

3:47 minutes (5.19 MB)

“Cowboy Up”
(Danny Baty – John Baxter)

Verse 1
I see you want to judge me,
By the length of my hair.
You wanna throw your good book at me,
But let me tell you boy I don’t care.

dannybaty's picture

Do You Think About Me By Danny Baty

IWM# 862

3:59 minutes (5.48 MB)

“Do You Think About Me”
(Danny Baty)

Hey I had to call you,
Just to see if your doing fine.
Haven’t heard your voice in awhile,
Yeah it’s been a long, long time.

dannybaty's picture

Fallin' By Danny Baty

IWM# 853

4:27 minutes (6.13 MB)

(Danny Baty)

Can you hear my voice callin’,
Hear the wind whisper your name.
Everything seems so different.
Everything’s still the same.

Cause I’m fallin.

dannybaty's picture

Honky-Tonk Highway By Danny Baty

IWM# 864

3:42 minutes (5.09 MB)

“Honky-Tonk Highway”
(Danny Baty-John Baxter)

A six strang and a backpack baby that’s all that’s left of me.
Counting highline poles with my face up in the breeze.

dannybaty's picture

Southern Girls By Danny Baty

IWM# 850

4:28 minutes (6.15 MB)

“Southern Girls”
(Danny Baty- John Baxter)

Verse 1
She’s got her momma’s eyes and her daddy’s disposition.
Drives a big ford truck with a standard transmission.

LanaSimmons's picture

Him Or You

IWM# 926

3:56 minutes (3.61 MB)
Wildrose1's picture

"CAN'T GIVE UP" by Rose E. Ewoldt

IWM# 1178

3:09 minutes (2.9 MB)

When we were young and in love
who would of thought it turn out this way
things have changed but our love remains the same.

I'm livin' for you I'm prayin' for you

dannybaty's picture

Whatcha Got To Say About That By Danny Baty

IWM# 856

3:58 minutes (5.45 MB)

Whatcha Gotta Say About That by danny baty.. lyricas to come soon

RecordProducer's picture

"Mamma" by Irena Shiloh

IWM# 264

3:53 minutes (8.88 MB)

"You've Stopped Loving Me"

Music & Lyrics: Irena Shiloh
Arranged & produced by: Irena Shiloh

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