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audio by year 2006

markwest's picture

heavens radio

IWM# 84

8:01 minutes (7.35 MB)

heavens radio
verse 1
baby you know that love you and i always always will,
baby you know that i miss you yes i miss you i can't explain how it feels,

chrislane's picture

waitin on you words and music by chris lane

IWM# 210

3:37 minutes (8.28 MB)
hcholbertsongwriter's picture

Fall Away " I dont want to Fall Away"

IWM# 236

3:12 minutes (2.94 MB)

Dont want to fall away from you
Cause Loving you
Is what I..m here to do

I dont want to fall away
From you
Cause loving you
Is what gets me through

Dont let me lose sight of you

DREAM CATCHER Kyrah Hale's picture


IWM# 757

1:42 minutes (2.33 MB)

All the songs I write are all originals ,This song is for my mum who passed away October 2007

cnynhiker's picture

Tennessee Tonight

IWM# 1796

2:47 minutes (3.82 MB)

Tennessee Tonight

Verse 1
Pine trees growin on every hill
Visions of the Smokies in my mind they linger still
Beat up truck on an old dirt track
Memories of Tennessee, won't you take me back

dannybaty's picture

Just Like That By Danny Baty

IWM# 869

2:52 minutes (3.94 MB)

“Just Like That”
(Danny Baty)

Sure is cold here in St. Louis.
Nothings the same since you’ve been gone.
The snow outside is softly fallin’.

dannybaty's picture

Hell Yeah By Danny Baty

IWM# 863

2:43 minutes (3.74 MB)

“Hell Yeah”
(Danny Baty)
Daddy always told me there’d come a day,
You’ll have to learn to walk and go your way.
Stand up for thangs that you believe.

maguire's picture

He's You

IWM# 2515

5:18 minutes (2.43 MB)

He's You

When I was young I believed I was stung by deception and all his games
If I knew from the start, predict the pain in my heart I might have looked the other way

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds and Maylyn White - The Breeze

IWM# 2915

2:04 minutes (1.9 MB)

My friend Maylyn White recorded her own impersonation of her cat Basil (who has since passed on) doing the mac mow sound which my own cat Nermal ended up doing as well.

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