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go girl

IWM# 336
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3:25 minutes (5.5 MB)
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One Time For Love

IWM# 398

2:03 minutes (2.9 MB)

There's one time for love
And I just want let it pass me by
When it comes to me
I will hold on
Cuz it only comes one in life
There's one time for love
And I just won't let it pass me by

louloufat's picture

comin back

IWM# 429
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1.9 MB
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IWM# 759

4:04 minutes (9.3 MB)
RIZING SON's picture

why i love you

IWM# 805

4:52 minutes (11.13 MB)
RIZING SON's picture

closer lyrics by darryl''rizing son''sturrup and adela

IWM# 996

3:57 minutes (9.04 MB)

closer lyrics was written by darryl''rizing son''sturrup and adela.the music is sampled.

Lanate music's picture

In This Party(Yea Its On

IWM# 2321

3:40 minutes (6.71 MB)

Call me drunk tipsy or alcaholic,all i kno is im in this party,shawty dancing like she cant stop it,all she kno when she in dis party is,yea its on,X3 when im in this party

Lanate music's picture


IWM# 2330

3:17 minutes (6.02 MB)

You're On Fire Hot As Steam,Girl I See You In My Dreams Youre The Finest I Hav Seen,In My Dreams,Youre My Dream,Dream---,My Dreamgirl

Lanate music's picture

I Like Pretty Girls

IWM# 2332

2:15 minutes (3.62 MB)

I Like Pretty Girls,x4 IIIII
I Like Pretty Girls,x4 IIIII
I Like Pretty Girls,x4 IIIII

Lanate music's picture

Baby Makin Love

IWM# 2333

3:16 minutes (5.98 MB)

Baby Making Love Is What I Wana Do,Girl I Cant Wait Til I make Love To You,Baby Makin Love Is What I wana Do,Girl I cant Wait Til I Make Love To You..

Lanate music's picture

Crazy In Love

IWM# 2334

3:30 minutes (6.41 MB)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,Got Me So Crazy In Love With You,ewwwww,ewwwwww,Got Me so Crazy In Love With You,So Crazy,In Love

Lanate music's picture

Highheels & SkinnyJeans

IWM# 2335

3:24 minutes (6.22 MB)

I Love You With Them Highheels On Them Highheels on Them Highheels On Yo Feet,I Love You With Them Skinny Jeans On Them Skinny Jeans on them Skinny Jeans Fit So Neat,

Lanate music's picture

Hurricane On Me

IWM# 2336

3:26 minutes (6.29 MB)

See I've Been Waitin On Your Body,And I Done Made It Rain On You,So Make it Hurricane On Me,Baby Make It Hurricane On Me

Lanate music's picture

She Rockin"

IWM# 2348

5:03 minutes (9.26 MB)

ohhhh,Shawty b Rockin Dat thang..Jus Like a kid o a swing.yea,yea,yea,yea....ohhhhhhhhh...she rockin..

Lanate music's picture

About Money

IWM# 2359

2:32 minutes (4.05 MB)

Shawty Wana Live like a superstar,Uh Huh,
She Want Nice Clothes And Fancy Cars,Uh Huh,
Shawty say She Bout Money,Bout Money, Gota B about MonEY,bOUT mONEY uH hUH

Lanate music's picture

Back Door

IWM# 2439

3:38 minutes (5.83 MB)

she love to see my face at the front door,she get excited when im knocking at the front door,she like suprises so i did sumthin special,i turned around and i hit it from the back door,na she love it w

Lanate music's picture

You Can Get It

IWM# 2460

3:43 minutes (7.15 MB)

Girl Bring Ya Body Ove Here,Im Finna Put It On Ya Backside.Kissing On Ya Neck,Jus To Get The Mood Right.Im Talking Bout That Latenight Action,In The Bed Wrestling,I Bet The Neighbors know my name..

Lanate music's picture

Dreaming Bout You

IWM# 2462

4:23 minutes (4.02 MB)

Ewwwwwww,Ewwwwwwwwww, Dreaming Bout You x2....Shawty I Be Dreaming Bout You,Dreaming Bout You,I Be Dreaming Bout You

Lanate music's picture

Foot Fetish

IWM# 2463

4:12 minutes (5.77 MB)

those feet,got me goin crazy..those..toes..first step,girl ewwwww,eww,i love it when you wear open toe high heel shoes,i do,want you..

lilb's picture

lilb " can i be your friend " ft. Big Woo

IWM# 2571

4:09 minutes (5.71 MB)

lyrics to "can i be your friend" by lilb ft. Big Woo are copywrited

lilb's picture

lil'b "just give me a chance"

IWM# 2573

3:57 minutes (5.43 MB)

lyrics to " just give me a chance " are copywrited.

Mani's picture

Mani - I'm so in Love and Skit

IWM# 2779
Click to play
6:25 minutes (4.41 MB)

The bacon is frying
The baby is crying
My back is aching
I haven’t fully awaken
But I gotta do something
To snap outta this drowsiness
Because I gotta long day ahead of me

Mani's picture

Mani - Priority (X-rated)

IWM# 3259
Click to play
4:12 minutes (2.89 MB)

Priority (X-rated)

Girl, I just wanna tell you
I love the fuck out you
Say what now?
You want me to shut up and keep pumping on that pussy

RIZING SON's picture


IWM# 708

4:44 minutes (10.84 MB)

this song was written by darryl rizing son sturrup , micheal manley and jason roeper

MENTAL's picture

NO JOKE(R&B)written by hasani syed hook written by kap 1 for messagecarriersinc

IWM# 2973

0 bytes



MENTAL's picture

LOVE KEEPS CALLING MY NAME written and produced by hasani syed aka mental of messagecarriersinc

IWM# 2977

0 bytes


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