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audio by genre blues

drbone's picture


IWM# 137

3:56 minutes (3.56 MB)


Yuli's picture

!Rollercoaster boi by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 180

3:35 minutes (3.28 MB)

Intro: C#, F#
Verse 1:
You are like the sun in the morning
You are a breath of fresh air
You remind me of myself
But you'll never know

Cause you push me away
Then you pull me close

hcholbertsongwriter's picture

on Bent Knee

IWM# 237

3:02 minutes (3.03 MB)

with mornings first light
I beheld a magnificent site
found myself on bent knee
as I gazed at the rise
much to my surprise
I could hear the Lords voice
with the morning sun

timgar123's picture

I'll Wait As Long As I Live

IWM# 252

3:10 minutes (1.49 MB)
timgar123's picture

All I See Is Rain

IWM# 253

3:34 minutes (1.64 MB)
In-Yo Prism's picture

Faces In the Rain

IWM# 267

4:10 minutes (5.73 MB)
ThisisCJ's picture

This is CJ

IWM# 894

4:34 minutes (2.1 MB)
ThisisCJ's picture


IWM# 897

5:00 minutes (2.29 MB)
ThisisCJ's picture

Wanna Fight

IWM# 900

4:59 minutes (2.29 MB)

Family is Key!

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Please remind me

IWM# 1944

3:50 minutes (3.52 MB)

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Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson & Stop Complainer- !Beat as one ( draft only)

IWM# 2044

4:20 minutes (3.97 MB)

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Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !This is me

IWM# 2286

4:33 minutes (4.17 MB)

d You don't have to try to understand me
G I've never been afraid to be alone
F I like to write my songs in the dawn of the mornings
To make sure
B my melodies don't get erased G

DanielDioguardi's picture

Daniel Dioguardi - Friend Zone

IWM# 2326

2:51 minutes (2.61 MB)

Friend Zone
Author: Daniel Dioguardi

Met a Girl, Saturday Night
Her hair was long, her jeans were tight
Got her name, her number too
There was only one thing left to do… know what it is?

mandygabor's picture

mandygabor Démon

IWM# 2419

1:36 minutes (1.16 MB)

Mintha démon ülne a szíveden,
mindenre azt mondja: nem.
Nem lehetsz boldog sosem,
nem lehetsz boldog sohasem.
Ami jó, oly hamar elszalad,
a bánat sokáig marad.

mandygabor's picture

mandygabor - Lombhulla's

IWM# 2421

3:59 minutes (1.83 MB)

Megöregedtek a levelek,
én is riadtan szétnézek:
jesszusom, már ?sz van,
emlékké vált a nyár.
Egyre több temetésre járok,
hullanak a régi barátok,
egyik a másik után,

mandygabor's picture

mandygabor - Illega'lis ma'solat

IWM# 2424

2:40 minutes (1.22 MB)

Az igazi élet sokba kerül,
az enyém csak egy másolat,
egy illegális másolat.
Nagy balhé lesz, ha kiderül.

U'gy kell élnem, u'gy kell élnem,
hogy senki észre ne vegyen,

mandygabor's picture

mandygabor - Felta'mad a sze'l

IWM# 2425

1:33 minutes (1.13 MB)

Feltámad a szél.
Minden reggel az ember egy jobb napot remél.
De elmu'lik a remény, mikor szemem kinyitom,
s kinézek az ablakon.

Lekopasztotta a szél a fákat,

mandygabor's picture

mandygabor - Ha szta'r leszek

IWM# 2428

2:13 minutes (1.02 MB)

Ha sztár leszek, majd hülyén nézek ki,
s a hülyeségemet szakérto'' tervezi,
mert a sztárok különleges emberek,
és nem tehetem meg, hogy normális legyek.

mandygabor's picture

mandygabor - Utolso e-mail

IWM# 2430

2:05 minutes (983.51 KB)

Ez az utolsó e-mail neked,
másképpen érintkezünk majd.
Alig várom már jöttödet,
hogy ágyba dughassalak.

Ez az utolsó e-mail neked,
várom, hogy itt állj a küszöbön.

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !So don't you touch me uh uh ©10.25.2010 Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 2493

3:19 minutes (3.04 MB)

"So don't you touch me, uh uh" ©10.25.2010 Yuliya Johnson

Sus C# You look at me with your puppy eyes F# (2nd inversion)
C# sus But you're just a friend
F# You're just a friend

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Think with your mind (rough draft)©2010Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 2494

4:49 minutes (4.41 MB)

coMING SOON.........coming soon ...coming soon,...........coming soon....coming soon...coming soon
coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon.

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Only you can decide improv. ©11.20.2010YuliyaJohnson

IWM# 2532

1:56 minutes (1.77 MB)

Only you can decide what you make of your life. You know deep down inside only you can decide. Yea yea yea

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Not interested in you draft

IWM# 2590

1:33 minutes (1.42 MB)

"Not interested in you" ©01.07.2011Yuliya Johnson first draft

Verse 1:
Sometimes I flirt with no intentions
But just to smile and have eye to eye conversations
So don't try to read me

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Night Life Day Living

IWM# 2600

4:22 minutes (4.01 MB)

Night Life Day LIving
got me stayin up late
heavy spendin
i wanna stop
i keep forgetin
i swear its like im livin for the weekend

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Pinky Ring

IWM# 2601

4:00 minutes (3.67 MB)

I told the girl like life aint a dream
So gone Head Kiss The pinky ring
then i told her like money aint a thang
So gone Head Kiss The pinky ring
and she probably never seen a better team

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Work Hard(Better)

IWM# 2602

5:02 minutes (4.62 MB)

Told you im gone make it to the top i take it
and im never gone stop until i meet Pac
Constant paper chasin and got no time for waitin
And im never gone flop im way too hot

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Goin

IWM# 2604

3:07 minutes (2.85 MB)

Streets so Foul call a technical
Yeah man i ball like testicals
hot young nigga wit electric flo
on my way to the top just to let you know
Cuz imma go go go
yeah niga im goin goin goin

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Hip Hop

IWM# 2605

4:09 minutes (3.81 MB)

Shorty got that swagger
Swear im gonna bag her
when it comes to pimpin baby
yes i am a master
Cuz you now im whats hot
and you know i run shop
im just tryna get the Hip
right back in the Hop

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Chi Anthem

IWM# 2606

4:01 minutes (3.69 MB)

I need you more than ever
through the rain and stormy weather
through the pain we come together
this feelin gone last forever
and you can look me in my eyes
my feelins dont never lie

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Throw the Rice(Never Leave)

IWM# 2607

4:21 minutes (4 MB)

Girl you know i want you
i will never leave your side
cuz you never ask question
when i tell you lets ride
and you so down
and you always stay fly
girl im feelin you aight

ThreeHUnd's picture

3Hund Cam-Hen Interlude

IWM# 2608

3:14 minutes (2.97 MB)

Hen interlude
Hen talkin to em
lettin em know whats to it

DavidLarmar's picture

David Larmar "Good Woman"

IWM# 2791

4:18 minutes (4 MB)

Written and sang by: David Larmar

Say nephew let me talk to you for a minute

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Money can't buy me time

IWM# 2819

3:25 minutes (3.14 MB)

Verse 1: Picking C & F
Some people want big flat screen TVs
and there's nothing wrong with that
But I just want time to play
And sing my heart out
If you don't like it thats ok

Yuli's picture

!Yuli - !Someone else © 10.01.2011

IWM# 2878

4:51 minutes (4.45 MB)


Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !a little bit of free styling :)

IWM# 3162

0:54 minutes (852.29 KB)

Don't tell me you love me
Don't tell me you care
Cause I just wanna want you for a whole year
No, I don't wanna be satisfied
I just want you to blow my mind
They say that
Everything fades away

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me

IWM# 3325

3:59 minutes (3.65 MB)

C2 e(2nd inversion)
Your blue eyes, your soft skin
The first day we met
Time just flies, can't believe
It's been over a year
Yet you still don't see what's really inside of me

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !See the beauty in life

IWM# 3624

2:50 minutes (2.47 MB)

Leaves are still green
Some houses are blue
But I don't love you like you want me to
Cause love has a different meaning for everyone
And our romance has been way long gone

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