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audio by artist yuliya johnson

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! I wish you'd call by! Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 162

8:06 minutes (5.1 MB)

Chorus: Yea------

Verse 1: I wish you'd call me
And tell me that you can't stop thinking of me
I wish you'd call me
And tell me everything that you are thinking of me

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!I wish you'd call by ! Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 168

5:10 minutes (4.74 MB)
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!Rollercoaster boi by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 180

3:35 minutes (3.28 MB)

Intro: C#, F#
Verse 1:
You are like the sun in the morning
You are a breath of fresh air
You remind me of myself
But you'll never know

Cause you push me away
Then you pull me close

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!Mother by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 183

4:08 minutes (3.79 MB)

Intro: D E G D E G

Verse 1:
Mother sometimes you don't understand me
But I hope you know I love you so

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!Tragic love's glory by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 209
Click to play
19.18 MB

E a, E a

Chorus: E a
When your heart wants to love
When your lips want to feel
When your arms want to hold
Only one man who plays guitar
When your mind remembers only him

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!Tragic love's glory by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 212
Click to play
19.18 MB

E a, E a

Chorus: E a
When your heart wants to love
When your lips want to feel
When your arms want to hold
Only one man who plays guitar
When your mind remembers only him

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I Wish You'd Call (by Yuliya Johnson)

IWM# 257

0:54 minutes (2.05 MB)

Music & Lyrics: Yuliya Johnson
Arranged and produced by: Irena Shiloh

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!Tragic love's glory by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 304

3:28 minutes (3.52 MB)

E a, E a

Chorus: E a
When your heart wants to love
When your lips want to feel
When your arms want to hold
Only one man who plays guitar
When your mind remembers only him

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!My heart is numb by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 305

3:16 minutes (3.38 MB)

a G F

Here are the things I would like to tell you
But I never have the courage to say
Since that night that I walked away
I cried a lot
But I don't cry anymore

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!In love with me by !Yuliya Johnson (draft for copyrighting purposes)

IWM# 322

3:46 minutes (4.1 MB)

Intro: D A G D

Verse 1: Every single day is going by and by G A
I am sitting here alone G
and the tears won't stop inside D
I am not finding that true love G
That they taught me of A

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!Within my soul by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 335

4:40 minutes (4.57 MB)

Intro: C# D# F# Bb

C# D#
You can take all my cloth away from me
You can take my favorite sweater
Take this keyboard too
You can take it all
Take my food and shelter

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!Run away from love ( Go away) (draft) by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 401

3:43 minutes (3.75 MB)

The thoughts of kissing you
Make me wanna bite my lips
THe thoughts of missing you
Make me wanna get undressed
The thoughts of you
Will they ever go away
THe thoughts of you make me wanna say

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!I can be yours! by Yuliya Johnson!

IWM# 439

3:19 minutes (3.27 MB)

Intro: A G F
Your eyes are everything I see (a second inversion) G
Your smile babe is everything I'll be
Comon babe write me a symphony
Make me happy and forever yours I'll be (F)


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!Can't let you be my man by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 484

3:54 minutes (4.45 MB)

IWM serial ID: 00483

So you are a man of a few words
And I am woman who likes to be pursued
You keep doing strange things to me
You fighting fire with fire
Can't you see


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!You hypnotized me by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 516

4:59 minutes (5.86 MB)

IWM serial ID: 00515

You gave me a hug when I was drunk
and said it'll be ok
Then we took a walk outside
Then you said you thought I was really a cool chick
And you asked me to dinner

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!Standing in the dark by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 556

2:59 minutes (3.6 MB)

If people just stop for 1 second (E G)
Stop following rules when it comes to love
Stop thinking about when would be the right time to call her
Stop thinking about when would be the right time to

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!Emotional Intimacy by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 561

4:46 minutes (5.88 MB)

Some people think that love is all about pleasure (#D, B)
Some people find a way to make you compromise
But then when you give in to their pressure
You feel so empty that you want to hide

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!Domineering men by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 573

4:25 minutes (5.14 MB)

(excuse my cat playing with noisy balls in the background lolz)

(DG) (CE)
So now you think you can talk behind my back
Spreading rumors
So now you think you're got
Some kind of power over me

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!I just know I love you !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 584

6:08 minutes (7.06 MB)

Intro (short cut): aded age }2

(eC7) Yesterday, I think I fell in love again
Yesterday, you made me feel this way
Yesterday, I saw everything through your eyes

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!I want to make sweet love to you by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 594

4:28 minutes (5.35 MB)

IWM serial ID: 00593

Intro: F Ab C twice

(da) Every day is a reminder of you
Every day you stay on my mind
How did we let this love slip away
Something so beautiful I can't explain

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!Come to me my sweet love !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 599

3:54 minutes (4.96 MB)

Intro: b,D,G,D,b,A,b,A,b

Come to me my sweet love
There's nothing I want more
Come to me my sweet love
Only you I adore
Come to me my sweet love
And fall into my arms

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!You hurt me 4 loving you by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 650

4:41 minutes (5.73 MB)

aa, GG, dd, aa, GG, dd

You made me feel so ashamed
like I don't even know my own name
You knew exactly where it hurts the most
I should have never shared secrets with you

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!He might know I got a crush on him !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 681

5:01 minutes (5.88 MB)

Every time he's in a room
I can't help but stare
I wonder if he's watching me
I wonder if he cares
But I am so scared
Cause I think I got a crush on him

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!Addicted to day dreaming by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 830

3:45 minutes (4.51 MB)

You got to tell me how you feeling
Cause I can't quiete read your mind
You got me staring at the ceiling
Thinking I am about to lose my mind

F# C#
I am addicted to this feeling

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!You're a man by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 961

2:48 minutes (3.27 MB)

You're a man
You're a man
You're a man
And I am a girl who can feel much more than you
Who can feel when its the real thing
Which only scares you away
Which only scares you away

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!Till the end of time by !Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 985

3:30 minutes (4.13 MB)

IWM serial ID: 00984

Daydreaming is a waiste of time G
When I lay awake in my bed D
and I think about the way you held my handC
I know that I confused you so G
and thats my own fault D

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Sleeping in your arms

IWM# 1034

2:58 minutes (2.73 MB)

You never fade away
from this heart of mine
You don t lose its sight
Even though I tried
Tried to push you out
Make myself forget the best day I had

Chorus: Sleeping in your arms > 8 times

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Sleeping in your arms

IWM# 1035

2:58 minutes (2.73 MB)

(Quote from titanic where she is about to jump off and Jack says if you jump I jump)

FED GFE intro

Verse 1 d a
You never fade away
from this heart of mine
You don't lose its sight

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!YUliya Johnson - !Sleeping in your arms

IWM# 1036

2:58 minutes (2.73 MB)

(Quote from titanic where she is about to jump off and Jack says if you jump I jump)

FED GFE intro

Verse 1 d a
You never fade away
from this heart of mine
You don't lose its sight

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Can I?

IWM# 1369

3:41 minutes (3.38 MB)

d2 C#
The depth of this infatuation
The Depth of this romance
had got the best of my attention
And I am where I've always wanted to be

Chorus: GA
Can I be falling for you?
Can I? Can I?

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Give a chance

IWM# 1790
Click to play
3:59 minutes (2.74 MB)

e B C B

One step away
Just one minute more
And all my dreams
Will be no dreams no more
This heart of mine
Is knocking at your door
Open up
Its me you've been waiting for

Chorus G&C, D&G

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!"On a top of a mountain" - !by Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 1804
Click to play
3:16 minutes (2.25 MB)

Tell me where the rivers meet
Is that where you lay your head
When you think of me
A place where the sunset is so sweet
You'll wait for me on a top of a mountain
Chorus: GA

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Sooner or later ( new arrangement)

IWM# 1860
Click to play
23.73 MB

****ALready copyrighted lyrics and chords - a long time ago

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Ladylove

IWM# 1865

4:54 minutes (4.49 MB)

He's made a cup of coffee
But without her its not the same
He's still a little angry
He let her walk away
He's missing cream and sugar
And thats a shame
He didn't understand her

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!Yuliya Johnson - !The stars won't fall from the sky

IWM# 1883

3:36 minutes (3.31 MB)

Already posted earlier. Now posting the audio. Lyrics and melody copyright 2009 Yuliya Johnson. Music arrangement copyright 2009 Stop Complainer.

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!Yuliya Johnson- !If he really loves you

IWM# 1884

4:19 minutes (3.95 MB)

No matter what I do
My mind just keeps getting back to you
I didn't wanna let you go
But my heart told me so; it said:

If he really loves you
Like he says he loves you

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Please remind me

IWM# 1944

3:50 minutes (3.52 MB)

already posted already posted already posted already posted posted posted posted

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!Yuliya Johnson- !The stars won't fall from the sky (revised)

IWM# 1973

3:42 minutes (3.39 MB)

The stars won't fall from the sky
The stars won't fall from the sky
Look at what you put me tru
Look at what you made me do

But I didn't give in to your seduction

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!Yuliya Johnson & Stop Complainer- !Beat as one ( draft only)

IWM# 2044

4:20 minutes (3.97 MB)

already posted already posted already posted
already posted already posted already postedalready posted already posted already posted

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Easy sex ( finished draft)

IWM# 2061

3:47 minutes (3.46 MB)

If everyone was hard to get there’d be no more one night stands
But easy people make our lives so hard
For us who wanna hold out
Honey, why can’t you let him please you

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Don't say you're sorry

IWM# 2278

3:25 minutes (3.14 MB)

Posted already. This is an audio file for copyrighting purposes only and not a real demo.

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!Yuliya Johnson- !This is me

IWM# 2286

4:33 minutes (4.17 MB)

d You don't have to try to understand me
G I've never been afraid to be alone
F I like to write my songs in the dawn of the mornings
To make sure
B my melodies don't get erased G

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!Yuliya Johnson - !The night is my muse

IWM# 2297

4:15 minutes (3.9 MB)

Spirits that you never seen before
They come out on a full moon
And a rooster makes his score
Its midnight
And the owl is crying out

The night is my muse
I don't like the sun

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!Yuli- !He's a hero who fights dragons

IWM# 2346

4:02 minutes (3.7 MB)

Previously Copyrighted already Previously Copyrighted already Previously Copyrighted already Previously Copyrighted already Previously Copyrighted already

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!Yuli- !I hate cleaning ( draft for copyrighting purposes only)

IWM# 2354

3:43 minutes (3.41 MB)

Darling you know me by now
You know my likes and dislikes
You know exaclty who I am oh yea
I like to write my songs
I like it when you dance
I like to sing even if its 4 am

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!Yuliya Johnson (Yuli) - !Romantic Desires

IWM# 2386

4:58 minutes (4.55 MB)

D(2nd inversion) G
Lets fly up north
& sit by the fireplace
Lets get a room
Light the candles & make love
We'll eat dinner on the beach
While watching the stars
Floating by

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Misery Loves Company

IWM# 2392

3:44 minutes (3.43 MB)

d A(no3rd)
Why do you feel you need somebody
When you don't lvoe yourself
Don't you know if you stay this desperate
You'll never get out of your own hell ( d chord stays throughout this verse)

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Set yourself free

IWM# 2406

4:13 minutes (3.86 MB)

“Set yourself free” © 2010 Yuliya Johnson

Verse chord progression: d7 c7 G(inver.) C
Chorus chord progression: F (inv.) C Bb Eb

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!Yuliya Johnson - !I wanna breath again

IWM# 2413

4:45 minutes (4.36 MB)

“I wanna breath again” ©2010YuliyaJohnson

Why do you tell me what to do
And get mad if I disagree
Even though you never disappoint me
you never go beyond my needs

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!Yuliya Johnson- !You're Oblivious

IWM# 2418

4:11 minutes (3.83 MB)

c# B
Its so hard for you to understand me
Cause you’re too focused on getting your own way
You’re stubborn you don’t like to meet in the middle
But make up sex is for the movies

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!Yuli- !Draft of Beautiful Lies

IWM# 2451

6:08 minutes (5.61 MB)

Coming later... first copyrighting just the draft. This is one of my darker creations for a change now.

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Celebrate Love

IWM# 2473

3:19 minutes (3.04 MB)

Celebrate Love ©10/14/2010Yuliya Johnson

Intro: Bb g F D

Verse 1: Bb So you laugh at him
g Just cause he’s not like you
Bb He’s special and not afraid
g Not to follow the crowds

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Believe in me

IWM# 2477

2:21 minutes (2.16 MB)

Believe in me © 10/15/2010Yuliya Johnson

Its a new day
The past is away
And I am loving the way
You're looking at me
You're always so proud
You wear me round
Like a crown

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Don't wanna be sad tonight

IWM# 2479

4:25 minutes (4.05 MB)

Intro: Eb Eb + " Don't wanna be sad tonight" ©

Eb They say its better to love and lose
Eb+ Than to never love
Eb They say love's a game that can get hard to play

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!Yuliya Johnson - !So don't you touch me uh uh ©10.25.2010 Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 2493

3:19 minutes (3.04 MB)

"So don't you touch me, uh uh" ©10.25.2010 Yuliya Johnson

Sus C# You look at me with your puppy eyes F# (2nd inversion)
C# sus But you're just a friend
F# You're just a friend

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Think with your mind (rough draft)©2010Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 2494

4:49 minutes (4.41 MB)

coMING SOON.........coming soon ...coming soon,...........coming soon....coming soon...coming soon
coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon.

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Kinder Heart

IWM# 2503

5:02 minutes (4.62 MB)

There's never gonna be anything like our love
That much I know
But I can't keep on holding on
To these memories that make me cry
I gotta keep on moving on
I wish the same for you

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!Yuliya Johnson- !My hands are much better than your

IWM# 2505

2:09 minutes (1.97 MB)

My hands are much better than your ah > 3 times
My hands can touch me once a week or even once a month
And I'll be satisfied

I ain't got time for no annoying man

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Just like him

IWM# 2509

3:35 minutes (3.28 MB)

"Just like him" ©11.09.2010YuliyaJohnson

Bb g d E
I am caught up in a vicious circle
Its like I am on drugs
And its called lust and love
There's no help
I am too old to heal

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Lets take this party high©2010YuliyaJohnson

IWM# 2517

4:25 minutes (4.05 MB)

F# Eb
Familiar faces
They make me smile
And then you walk by
You give me butterflies
Just one more drink
And we'd be lost in this heat

Pre Chorus and Chorus:
F and E

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Puke up love

IWM# 2525

5:09 minutes (4.71 MB)

Ab Cm - 2nd inversions
We used to go to bed together
We used to cry together
We used to do things together
But this betrayal
has got me doubting love

Chorus: a e
I wanna puke

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Good song material

IWM# 2528

4:45 minutes (4.36 MB)

So you think this is all about you
Don't you?
Such a typical boy you are

d C
I've been tru a lot
I've cried my tears
Now I know what I want
But I won't give the secret away

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!Yuliya Johnson- !My muse (draft recording)

IWM# 2529

5:51 minutes (5.36 MB)

Bass starting on D in the B
My heart is full of music
Forever it will stay
If you believe in my art
You will never fade away

(Piano run)
Chorus: Bb6 +F# Eb

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Only you can decide improv. ©11.20.2010YuliyaJohnson

IWM# 2532

1:56 minutes (1.77 MB)

Only you can decide what you make of your life. You know deep down inside only you can decide. Yea yea yea

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!Yuliya Johnson- !I am me ©12.08.10 draft

IWM# 2546

3:48 minutes (3.48 MB)

For now this is only a draft;therefore, lyrics and chords are coming later.

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!Yuliya Johnson- !I am not you

IWM# 2548

4:51 minutes (4.45 MB)

I am not you ©12.09.10Yuliya Johnson

d2 with A in the bass
The night is only getting colder for me
With all the thoughts in my head
And all the things left unsaid

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!Yuliya Johnson- !I'll never be his good girl

IWM# 2556

4:45 minutes (4.35 MB)

Lets go ride around town at midnight
Throw up our hands and have fun
This town's too quite so lets make noise
Cause a riot and tease all them boys
This one's not my type

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!Yuliya Johnson- !You're so sick

IWM# 2562

3:50 minutes (3.51 MB)

a minor scale intro
G (2nd inversion) e
I feel you're judging me
I really thought you were a friend
But you've been gossiping about me
You think I don't know
You've been saying lies about me

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Dream of us together©12.24.2010YuliyaJohnson ( first draft)

IWM# 2574

6:08 minutes (5.62 MB)

F with F and e in the bass
I still think about the way you looked into my eyes
d with d and c in the bass
Its been almost 4 years Since I had seen that rugged face of yours

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Hold you all tru the night (1st draft)

IWM# 2575

4:57 minutes (4.54 MB)

"Hold you all tru the night"©12.29.2010Yuliya Johnson
Tell me where your heart is now
Is it a place I can reach?
Tell me where you're going love
And I will follow you
If not in my flesh

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Not interested in you draft

IWM# 2590

1:33 minutes (1.42 MB)

"Not interested in you" ©01.07.2011Yuliya Johnson first draft

Verse 1:
Sometimes I flirt with no intentions
But just to smile and have eye to eye conversations
So don't try to read me

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Give me lots of kisses (draft)

IWM# 2620

2:26 minutes (2.22 MB)

This is only a draft:

Give me, give me give me, give me lots of kisses
Give me, give me, give me, give me lots of love
Give me, give me, give me, give me lots of kisses

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Give me love

IWM# 2638

2:55 minutes (2.67 MB)

Love is a drug its true
I knew that from the moment I fell in love with you
My defenses are weak
My temperature's rising high
Oh God I can't deny I want you to


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!Yuliya Johnson - !No Candy from My Store ( just a draft)

IWM# 2658

4:15 minutes (3.89 MB)

You can make me smile
You can make me cry
All at a single time
Wish you could see
The kind of lovers we can be
If you'd just give it all you've got
Like I've given you all of me

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Dirty Car draft

IWM# 2703

2:30 minutes (3.44 MB)

Somedays, loving my messy car
Makes me love you even more for who you are
I got bags on the floor
Fast food packages falling off all 4 doors
I could clean now
But cleaning's a waste of time

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Just let go draft

IWM# 2716
Click to play
1.43 MB

F# C#sus2
You want me to act like I want to make love to you right now
But can't you understand that you've got to wait till the moment is right
B C#sus2

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Two Hearts

IWM# 2721

3:25 minutes (4.71 MB)

a C
Your love completes me
Its sweeter than a chocolate bar
There are many things I've got to accomplish and
There's nothing that will stop me this time

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Try our best

IWM# 2725

4:25 minutes (4.05 MB)

C7, 2nd inversion bb
I am not your mother
I won't have everything clean
When I do something nice for you
Its always from my heart
If you don't know me by now
Then just let me go

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Make up is art

IWM# 2740

4:46 minutes (4.36 MB)

G and E, C and D ( whole song is played by picking)
Make up and its colors
Help express myself
I wish there was more time to do make up
But everything else always comes first

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!Yuliya Johnson - !I am not home

IWM# 2742

2:47 minutes (2.55 MB)

Hello! Who is that on the other line?
You asking for me
But I'm not home you see
Oh Oh you're collection agency
Oh Oh Oh OH
Chorus: g C
I am not home > 2

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Darkness meets the light draft

IWM# 2744

2:41 minutes (2.47 MB)

How can you live your life
Without seeing things from both sides
Will you open up your eyes
And see the beauty outside of your mind
There's so much more for us to learn

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!Yuliya Johnson - !You're still my best friend (draft recording)

IWM# 2745

3:36 minutes (3.29 MB)

C6 D
Its been awhile since I've seen your familiar face
Familiar face
Its been awhile since I've heard your voice
Heard your voice
They say time away makes your heart grow founder

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Money can't buy me time

IWM# 2819

3:25 minutes (3.14 MB)

Verse 1: Picking C & F
Some people want big flat screen TVs
and there's nothing wrong with that
But I just want time to play
And sing my heart out
If you don't like it thats ok

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Boxer in a ring called life

IWM# 2835

3:11 minutes (2.92 MB)

Verse 1 A A7
I used to be just fine, doing my own thing
I really got around
Even though I was singing about heartache all over town
Then I met you and I kept you

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Its a curse of a good girl

IWM# 2841

4:24 minutes (4.03 MB)

"Curse of a good girl" ©Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1: G7 a
I can feel your skin
But not anything more
My body trembles as you touch me
But my mind flies only further away
With every caress

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!Yuliya Johnson - ! I feel like an alien

IWM# 2852

4:33 minutes (4.17 MB)

(picking f, d and g and then f, c, and g)
I felt like an alien since I was 4 years old
The sky was blue, the grass was green
ANd I'll never forget - an awakening I've had
An awakening I've had

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!Yuli !I will not forgive you

IWM# 2871

3:01 minutes (2.77 MB)

Coming soon.....Coming later......Experiment more or less not really a song :)

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!Yuli - !Someone else © 10.01.2011

IWM# 2878

4:51 minutes (4.45 MB)


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! Yuli - !I desperately need you to hold (adding audio draft) © Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 2879

5:12 minutes (4.76 MB)

E a F
Verse 1: I need some sleep
But my heart won’t let me rest
I need you to hold
I wanna feel you close
You know all my weaknesses
Even though, I am the girl
Who pretends to be strong

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Its raining

IWM# 2881

4:29 minutes (4.12 MB)

"Its raining" © 10.08.2011 Yuliya Johnson

C G7 picking

Verse 1:
Its raining and I miss you
Its raining and I wanna kiss you oooooo
I wanna kiss you

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!Yuliya Johnson - !Don't want you back

IWM# 2891

3:01 minutes (2.77 MB)

Everything is trying to bring me back to you
All the trials and things we went through
You said we were soul-mates
And I believed your every word
But why then am I here without you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Do you

IWM# 2892

3:27 minutes (3.16 MB)

"Do you" © 11.08.11 Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1: FGC
Sitting here sipping on milk
Wondering what is it we all seek
Last night I glaced into your eyes
Tell me is it love in disguise


Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Insufficient funds

IWM# 2914

4:16 minutes (3.91 MB)

"Insufficient funds" © 11.27.11 Yuliya Johnson

Cmaj7 G
I got home today
Can't read my messages
Don't know who texted me and that's ok
And whomever you are

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Peanut Butter Pie ( draft) © Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 2921

2:50 minutes (2.6 MB)

“Peanut Butter Pie” (final draft of a song for the contest) ©2011 Yuliya Johnson
So I’ve heard there was this contest at Austin’s yea

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !You fake our love

IWM# 2933

3:57 minutes (3.62 MB)

You don't know how your gossip is affecting my life
I always been the type to keep things private
But you're the one who talks and talks 24/7, 24/7
You're a cone artist
I should have known

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !I wanna be a kid for Christmas draft

IWM# 2942

2:14 minutes (2.05 MB)

" I wanna be a kid for Christmas" © 12.20.11 Yuliya Johnson
G7 F
I wanna wake up
Find some new toys
And make noise
Jump around
Eat sweets all day
With no worries or cares

Chorus: FC

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Just hold my hand draft © 2011

IWM# 2946

3:48 minutes (3.48 MB)

coming soon....coming soon.....coming soon.....coming soon ...coming soon....coming soon.....coming soon.....coming soon

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Foggy morning (draft)

IWM# 3021

3:43 minutes (5.1 MB)

Foggy morning ©02.28.2012 Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1:
Gb A
This foggy morning
Your image lingers in my head
Your mesmerizing eyes
Could they be a true reflection of your soul?

Yuli's picture

!Yuli - !Don't wanna feel ( draft)©Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 3045

4:08 minutes (3.8 MB)

d a
I don't wanna feel, don't wanna feel anymore
I don't want anyone knocking on my heart's door
I don't wanna feel, I don't wanna feel anymore
Don't wanna feel anymore

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !No Fairy Tale Ending

IWM# 3060

4:32 minutes (4.15 MB)

No FairyTale Ending © 03.23.2012 Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1:
I hope you'll be happy
If we let this go
You'll find what you need
And let your heart grow
Don't let me stop you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !If you gave me your heart

IWM# 3071

4:49 minutes (4.42 MB)

"If you gave me your heart" © 04.02.2012 Yuliya Johnson

G7 C
If you gave me your heart
You would never have to worry
If I gave you my heart
Then would I only say I love you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Your lips ( his lips)

IWM# 3087

3:47 minutes (3.47 MB)

a d
I saw you dancing with her
While I was dancing with him
Out on the dance floor
Your hands on her
His hands on me
You didn't think I've seen you
But your heart spoke to my brain

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !My heart and my head part

IWM# 3134

3:13 minutes (2.94 MB)

My heart and my head part" ©04.25.2012Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1:
Sus F with G in the bass line, d, a
Simple touch of your hand
Seduces me out of my mind
Can't look you in the eye

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Cloud 9

IWM# 3142
Click to play
21.97 MB

Cloud 9 © 04.27.2012 Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1: Picking d and A
Your burning desire
Has taken me so much higher
Your fingertips, your fingertips
On my lips, on my lips
Like roses and clover

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !If you wanna be bad

IWM# 3145

3:27 minutes (3.17 MB)

F G7 C
This is very much a physical attraction
When I saw you I couldn't help, but stare
Thank God I was wearing short shorts and high heels
the day when I met you
The day we met you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Just for the moment

IWM# 3155

3:31 minutes (3.23 MB)

I will post the lyrics another time. ....This is one of those too personal songs that I am not performing live too often because some songs are better kept to oneself

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Wrap me up in your arms (first draft :)

IWM# 3161

5:35 minutes (5.11 MB)

Chorus: E C7 F a
Wrap me up in your arms baby>2
Maybe I will stay
Wrap me up in your arms baby>2
Like it's a holiday
Wrap me up in your arms baby>3
D F: In your arms, I wanna stay

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !a little bit of free styling :)

IWM# 3162

0:54 minutes (852.29 KB)

Don't tell me you love me
Don't tell me you care
Cause I just wanna want you for a whole year
No, I don't wanna be satisfied
I just want you to blow my mind
They say that
Everything fades away

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !My Sweet Jack

IWM# 3180

3:19 minutes (3.05 MB)

"My Sweet Jack"©07.31.2012 Yuliya Johnson

G7 F7
Met up at Starbucks
Tea & Lemon pie
Walking hand in hand
Talking music
That was Jack and I
Now there's a new man

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !That's what a real man does

IWM# 3184

3:34 minutes (3.27 MB)

Bb F
You know how to talk to a lady
From the moment you meet her
You'll buy her a drink
Or anything she wants
Like a real man
You have no expectations
You just happy to know

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !A little bit amused or you leave me

IWM# 3194

3:21 minutes (3.07 MB)

Verse 1: C Gsus
I don't know what you're thinkin
Its been awhile since we talked
You know this feeling
It won't go away
I don't wanna be your bad muse
But you leave me with no choice

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Take me now

IWM# 3196

2:40 minutes (2.44 MB)

If I was Cleopatra - The Queen of Egypt this is the kind of songs I'd write:

C7 e
We're in the dark
The stars are shining
Your lips are on my lips
There go your fingertips

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Cloud 9 version 2

IWM# 3200

3:56 minutes (3.6 MB)

Already copyrighted.......................................................................Version 2 Just Cloud 9 © 04.27.2012 Yuliya Johnson
(The whole song is played without a pick)

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Stay with me

IWM# 3205

3:33 minutes (3.25 MB)

Verse 1:

e a D G
Your lips are sugar sweet
Your touch is mine to keep
Even if you dare not to be with me
I'll keep you in my memories
Cause you have touched my soul

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !He saved me from you and I am falling for him

IWM# 3244

3:30 minutes (3.21 MB)

Should have never wrote about you
Cuz you thought you had me
You were so damn wrong
I've just met an angel
and he's put you to shame
He's tender and sweet

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Breaking

IWM# 3265

3:47 minutes (3.46 MB)

"Breaking" © 12/10/2012 Yuliya Johnson

A A6 ( so a, c#, f#. a) downward strumming
I like pretty things
I like flowers
When you make me feel so good
I like your face

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !You're like an obsession

IWM# 3262

4:40 minutes (4.28 MB)

You're like an obsession Yuliya Johnson
DM7 A(aeec#)
As you watched me play for the 1st time
I knew there was something behind your eyes
Your hidden intentions became my emotions' direction

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !You're my boy fantasy

IWM# 3281

4:37 minutes (4.23 MB)

You're my boy fantasy ©01/04/2013Yuliya Johnson

F#m A
Don't give me everything I want right away
Wait for the perfect moment my dear

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !I don't wanna do this anymore

IWM# 3313

3:11 minutes (2.91 MB)

Gm/a d
When I cry
Will you be there to catch me
My tears are falling
Because of something you've said
Did you even know I really loved you?
But when you love someone too much

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !My vagina is the Taj Mahal lyrics by Laurel Forrar

IWM# 3318

2:48 minutes (2.57 MB)

I am not a virgin oh
but my blood is surging
I thought you were great until our date
Turned unto unfulfilling traces of your crimes

I had you over to my place

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !You made me crazy for you

IWM# 3321

3:06 minutes (2.85 MB)

You took me to a nice restaurant and we ate on the second floor
You know a girl can never forget something like that
When she's attracted to someone

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me

IWM# 3325

3:59 minutes (3.65 MB)

C2 e(2nd inversion)
Your blue eyes, your soft skin
The first day we met
Time just flies, can't believe
It's been over a year
Yet you still don't see what's really inside of me

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Puzzle

IWM# 3362

4:44 minutes (4.34 MB)

My heart was a puzzle
When I met you
I thought you'd solve it right away
But instead you just complicate me
Hope you say hello to
My desire in your head
When you bring her home

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !Could never

IWM# 3373

4:19 minutes (3.95 MB)

dm sus 2 C
Sometimes you'd talk to me like we are officially together
Sometimes you'd talk to me
As if we never gotten close
You'd make believe that
You'd always be there for me

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !I'd rather sing about the weather than sing about you

IWM# 3375

3:29 minutes (3.19 MB)

D A7
You make me believe that you're serious
You make me believe that you're mine
Real problem is that you never fit the bill
Dmaj7 A7
So you felt the need to mess with my mind

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson- !We'll be happy together

IWM# 3376

2:54 minutes (2.65 MB)

a F
The image of you is so clear in my mind
One day when I'll meet you
It'll be a beautiful surprise
And all these people that told me men
Like you don't exist
Will see how amazing you are

Yuli's picture

!Yuli - !You are the best

IWM# 3398

3:42 minutes (3.39 MB)

C G7
In your eyes I saw the light
A future filled with love
Long conversations into the night
Morning flirtations
wishing I could spend forever in your sight

Yuli's picture

!Yuli - !I know what I want

IWM# 3399

2:30 minutes (2.29 MB)

This is a draft of my song "I know what I want. Pattern in a (2nd inv.) and G then cascading FGa

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !These words

IWM# 3417

5:05 minutes (4.66 MB)

Coming soon............................Coming soon...........coming soon........Coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !You never say I love you

IWM# 3439

2:52 minutes (2.63 MB)

g C
From that coffee date
I should have known, I should
Have known that you'll never be
Sweet to me
Only gift you gave
Was a microphone with no cable
I guess that's what they say

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