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You wrote it, now protect it!


audio by artist kritic

Kritic's picture

Kritic - Boss Bitch

IWM# 2655

3:43 minutes (8.51 MB)

Whats hannin’?

Kritic's picture

Kritic - Finally

IWM# 2661

3:39 minutes (8.35 MB)

This for all the people that talked about me. Told me i wouldn't be none in this world... Look at me now!

Verse 1:

It took a lil time but i made it.

Kritic's picture

Kritic - Numb

IWM# 2663

3:58 minutes (9.09 MB)


4 in the morning and I'm still wide awake.
My brain filled with thoughts, some I love some I hate.
I'm ready for the day when everything is all great.

Kritic's picture

Kritic - Illusions

IWM# 2664

4:22 minutes (9.98 MB)

What’s goin on?
My visions gone crazy
Not talkin corn
But a nigga straight mazin
I’m all black
But my eyes look Asian
I see competition
Nahh I’m mistaken!

Verse 1:

Kritic's picture

Kritic - Bout Dem Dollas

IWM# 2668

4:24 minutes (10.08 MB)

HOOK (2X):
I'm all about dem dollas.
I'm all about dem dollas.
I'm all about dem dollas.
They ain't got em tell em holla.
I'm all about dem dollas.
I'm all about dem dollas.

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