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You wrote it, now protect it!


audio by artist austin

sunzero1800's picture

My Life

IWM# 737

4:46 minutes (3.27 MB)

My lifes been a struggle to control and to tame,
theres been so many times I've felt anger and pain,
Dads always gone and moms never here,
And I've been prayin that someday help would appear,

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Dear Dad

IWM# 739

3:07 minutes (2.5 MB)

Yeah Dad you always made me mad,
You pushed me to the point of doin something bad,
In a way I wish you were still here,
Like it was before your favorite pastime became beer,

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Dads Here For You Katie

IWM# 736

4:48 minutes (3.85 MB)

Katy I know lifes been hard with daddy always gone, but Im just trying to provide for us by writing songs,
My plan for us has been based on hopes and dreams,

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Rise To The Top

IWM# 738

3:50 minutes (2.2 MB)

Hes been disrespected since the age of five,
And its been a struggle just stayin alive,
Theres never enough food on the table in his house,
And when he turned fifteen he got kicked out,

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