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audio by album whatcha gotta say

dannybaty's picture

Trying To Find Kentucky By Danny Baty

IWM# 855

3:05 minutes (4.25 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Rebels Son By Danny Baty

IWM# 875

4:03 minutes (5.56 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Temporary Insanity By Danny Baty

IWM# 878

1:53 minutes (2.59 MB)
dannybaty's picture

You By Danny Baty

IWM# 886

3:44 minutes (5.12 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Falling For You Again By Danny Baty

IWM# 867

3:30 minutes (4.8 MB)

“Fallin’ For You Again”
(Danny Baty)

Day by day,
I can feel myself getting stronger.
And day by day,
I can hold on a little longer.
I can’t say,

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Just As Gone By Danny Baty

IWM# 866

4:00 minutes (5.5 MB)

“Just As Gone”
(Danny Baty)

Maybe I’ll take a trip to Houston.
I hear the weathers nice down there.
Maybe catch a train to Memphis,
And watch the Mississippi rollin’ in.

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Danny Baty- Your The Reason ( The Good Lord Hung The Moon )

IWM# 1616

4:24 minutes (6.04 MB)

Your The Reason ( The Good Lord Hung The Moon )
By Danny D. Baty

I know I've chased alot of rainbows.
Some call them foolish dreams.
But I always know where I belong,

dannybaty's picture

Just Like That By Danny Baty

IWM# 869

2:52 minutes (3.94 MB)

“Just Like That”
(Danny Baty)

Sure is cold here in St. Louis.
Nothings the same since you’ve been gone.
The snow outside is softly fallin’.

dannybaty's picture

Hell Yeah By Danny Baty

IWM# 863

2:43 minutes (3.74 MB)

“Hell Yeah”
(Danny Baty)
Daddy always told me there’d come a day,
You’ll have to learn to walk and go your way.
Stand up for thangs that you believe.

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Whatcha Got To Say About That By Danny Baty

IWM# 856

3:58 minutes (5.45 MB)

Whatcha Gotta Say About That by danny baty.. lyricas to come soon

dannybaty's picture

747 By Danny Baty

IWM# 858

4:14 minutes (5.81 MB)

Coming soon Lyrics to "747" from the album whatcha gotta say

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