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audio by album foreign land ep

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My Savior Heard

IWM# 3251

3:07 minutes (5.71 MB)

Ain't nothing changed sin is still delicious still one of our favorite Dishes,
sweet potato fried chicken with them cajun mixes,
feel the consequences every time that we have it,

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Foreign Land

IWM# 3252

4:15 minutes (7.8 MB)

Laying in my bed hear the shots, bum bum bum,
followed by the screams call the cops 911
walk down the block on the ground someone's son
bleeding out on the street tell the ambulance come

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Gray Sky

IWM# 3253

5:52 minutes (10.75 MB)

Heard it's voice again loud and Clear
Now I can't seem to move and get up out this chair
Got kids and a wife that love me job and a house
three cars and I just don't care,

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Ignorance Ain't Bliss

IWM# 3254

4:42 minutes (8.62 MB)

From what I've heard I been hurt so many times
Sometimes I rather just be blind
This is why they say

In a world such as this ignorance is bliss, If I don't know about it than it doesn't exist,

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Turning The Lights On

IWM# 3255

5:49 minutes (10.64 MB)

Did you ever think it'd be this way probably not,
If I knew then what I knew now I think I'd probably stop,
Than again why would I stop, truth is I do it today,

embers's picture

Take Me Away

IWM# 3256

3:51 minutes (7.06 MB)

My God, she was innocent, looken at a child who was stolen by a syndicate, looken at her now, in her eyes, you couldn't see a soul, with no control, it is sick, how far a man will go, can't take it,

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