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Color Me Blue by Danny Baty

IWM# 852

3:09 minutes (4.34 MB)
dannybaty's picture

I Still Believe In Santa Claus By Danny Baty

IWM# 865

3:25 minutes (4.69 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Oh No Not Me By Danny Baty

IWM# 871

5:07 minutes (7.04 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Seasons Change By Danny Baty

IWM# 874

3:11 minutes (4.37 MB)
dannybaty's picture

This January By Danny Baty

IWM# 880

3:05 minutes (4.25 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Whats New With You By Danny Baty

IWM# 882

3:13 minutes (4.42 MB)
dannybaty's picture

When I Say I'm Sorry Again By Danny Baty

IWM# 885

4:00 minutes (5.5 MB)
dannybaty's picture

Fire By Danny Baty

IWM# 870

4:22 minutes (6 MB)

(Danny Baty)

In the still of the night,
This silence hurts my head.
City lights are glowing red,
Like the embers of a flame.
The rain sure is cold,

dannybaty's picture

This Will Be The Last Time By Danny Baty

IWM# 881

4:07 minutes (5.66 MB)

this will be the last time...lyrics coming soon by danny baty

dannybaty's picture

400 Horses By Danny Baty

IWM# 857

4:08 minutes (5.69 MB)

400 horses by danny baty lyrics to come soon the 90's - 2010

dannybaty's picture

Old Memories Die Hard By Danny Baty

IWM# 873

5:02 minutes (6.92 MB)

old memories die hard ------- by danny baty lyrics coming soon 1989- 2010

dannybaty's picture

Before You Say Goodbye By Danny Baty

IWM# 860

4:12 minutes (5.77 MB)

before you say goodbye by danny baty 1989 - 2010 lyrics coming soon

dannybaty's picture

All Alone And Lonely By Danny Baty

IWM# 859

3:30 minutes (4.82 MB)

lyrics are coming soon! Stay tuned! All Alone And Lonely

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