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Ryan McReynolds - Are You Really The One For Me?

IWM# 3470

2:02 minutes (1.87 MB)

1st verse
Are we both right for each other?
Does God want us to be lovers?
What does the Lord intend for us?
We gotta give him all our trust

I Look Forward To Meeting You

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Issy's Song

IWM# 3467

1:45 minutes (1.6 MB)

1st verse
Issy I think you're wonderful
I know there's a lot you can do
Issy I think you're beautiful
I hope better days come for you

I know that you have lots to gain

TeddyG's picture

Big Coyote

IWM# 3459

4:42 minutes (4.31 MB)

Big coyote sits alone in the moonlight
Doesn’t mind bein’ alone and howlin’ at the moon

Big coyote don’t take no direction
He just goes any way he wants following the moon

awesome201's picture

Covalty - Summer!

IWM# 3457
Mani's picture

Mani - Get On Yo Game

IWM# 3456
Click to play
3:18 minutes (2.27 MB)

First Verse:

I been chasing my dreams like I’m running a marathon
Sometimes I got something good looked up then it was gone
That make me hold on tighter when I finally win my prize

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !You're such a fucking hypocrite

IWM# 3452

4:03 minutes (3.71 MB)

dm gm
Do you even have a mind of your own
You're telling me everything that you think
I'm doing wrong
All your opinions are based on this
Society's fucked up views

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !You never say I love you

IWM# 3439

2:52 minutes (2.63 MB)

g C
From that coffee date
I should have known, I should
Have known that you'll never be
Sweet to me
Only gift you gave
Was a microphone with no cable
I guess that's what they say

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !Climb down

IWM# 3436

4:35 minutes (4.2 MB)

Bb F
You say the things that you
think I wanna hear
But I've heard it all before
I just can't hear it anymore
You had your taste of bad fruit
But why are you not willing to climb my tree

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Under A Curse

IWM# 3433

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

1st verse

A good man fights for your freedom
A freedom that you don't deserve
Killed his family then you run
After you left bodies to burn

You're a very ungrateful man

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Dark Road

IWM# 3432

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

1st verse

You kicked God right out of a church
Congregation placed in the lurch
Struck the Shepherd in awful time
God forgive you for awful crime

You follow the Father of lies

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